British Telecom, Dolby Bring Innovative Conference Phone for India’s Enterprise Market


British Telecom has come together with Dolby to launch an innovative Conference Phone for the enterprise market in India.

The company has launched – ‘BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice’ application and the Dolby Conference Phone in India.

BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice combines Dolby’s nearly 50 years of audio expertise with IT’s world-class communications capabilities to deliver exceptionally clear, natural and productive meetings.

The BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice application transforms conference calls by delivering a level of quality that emulates an in-person experience. The technology enables users to get stunning audio quality ,free from background noise.

They also hear each person from a distinct virtual location so it is easy to identify who is speaking and to hear everyone on the call- even those with soft voices.conversation flows more naturally and everyone can contribute better.

Andrew Border, vice president and general manager, communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories: “The Dolby Conference Phone revolution sizes the way people communicate and collaborate. Because everyone hears clearly and feels like they are in the same room, participation increases and calls are more effective.”

Sudhir Narang, Managing Director, BT in India: “Audio quality had a tremendous effect on the productivity of meetings. With the BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice application, end users gain substantial new benefits from the industry’s most popular collaboration platforms. We are proud to announce today that customers are now able to enjoy the full benefits of this great technology.”