Brazos Valley Council of Governments Deploy Motorola for First Responder Needs

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Motorola Solutions has announced that Brazos Valley Council of Governments and its member jurisdiction, Washington County, Texas, have deployed the company’s CommandCentral 9-1-1 Smart Transcription and CommandCentral 9-1-1 Citizen Input cloud-based solutions.

The deployments are two of multiple cloud-based software deployments for first responders completed by Motorola Solutions during the second quarter of 2020, as the company leveraged the cloud to meet increased customer demand for cloud-based software during COVID-19.

“When a resident contacts 9-1-1 for help, the technology a 9-1-1 operator has at his or her fingertips can make all the difference in a successful outcome to the call,” said Anita Pitt, 9-1-1 program manager, Brazos Valley Council of Governments in Texas. “We are deploying CommandCentral 9-1-1 Smart Transcription and CommandCentral 9-1-1 Citizen Input because these cloud-based solutions offer our 9-1-1 call takers critical advantages.”

With CommandCentral 9-1-1 Smart Transcription, call takers do not have to remember everything as the call – often a stressful situation – is unfolding. Real-time voice to text transcription provides them with a second pair of ears to make sure they heard everything correctly as they share information with dispatchers to coordinate an effective response to the crisis.

Similarly, CommandCentral 9-1-1 Citizen Input allows the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to receive photos, recorded video or streaming video from a caller to better understand the situation and coordinate the response. It does this while at the same time protecting the call taker from possibly traumatic images by providing the PSAP with tools to control who sees the media.

“These solutions further evidence our progress and our commitment to our command center suite cloud strategy,” said Andrew Sinclair, senior vice president and general manager, Software Enterprise, Motorola Solutions. “During COVID-19, we’ve seen and have responded to an unprecedented demand for cloud solutions. Our command center customers are now reaping the benefits of ‘cloud without compromise’ with secure and resilient, innovative and scalable solutions that help them respond to their residents’ calls for help with confidence.”