Brazil’s Vivo Debuts Samsung Galaxy eSIM-enabled Watch with Amdocs Solution

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Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has joined forces with Vivo to provide its consumers with an easy and hassle-free experience when connecting eSIM-equipped smartphones, wearables and future Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the Vivo network.

Vivo is one of the largest operators in Brazil and the largest Telefonica group company in Latin America serving nearly 100 million customers.

Amdocs has also announced that its Amdocs and Gemalto software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based eSIM solution is now available hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

This state-of-the art platform supports current and future eSIM standards so that mobile network operators can quickly onboard a very rich set of IoT device manufacturer products and get them to market quickly. The solution is scalable to support devices in a pay-as-you-grow model.

New devices are integrated once onto the cloud-based platform and can then be provisioned immediately with no need to integrate each device with each service provider. As part of this solution, an eSIM fraud prevention service will also provide consumers with increased security and protection. Some 234 million eSIM-enabled devices are projected to be onboarded onto operator networks by 20211.

Launched initially with Samsung Galaxy Watches, Vivo is providing the next generation of digital experiences to consumers.

“With Amdocs, we have launched a best-in-class digital customer experience that will provide consumers with the effortless device activation they want while also expanding our business, from wearables today to IoT devices in the homes, cars and businesses of tomorrow,” said André Kriger, CIO at Vivo. “The pre-integration of the Amdocs solution means we do not need to make costly and time-consuming Vivo specific integrations per device and manufacturer type. In the longer term, we can therefore offer our customers the most advanced devices and experiences as they become available – translating into convenience for our customers and long-term value for our business.”

“Vivo Brazil is an innovator, embracing the frictionless onboarding of eSIM-enabled devices with a multi-partner, multi-device approach that’s well integrated with both the service provider network and customer engagement systems,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Media, Network and Technology, Amdocs. “From an industry perspective, the impact of eSIM will be far-reaching. Consumers will soon demand seamless eSIM performance in a wide range of IoT devices from many different manufacturers that can only be enabled by a carrier-grade eSIM platform.”

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