Boltt – Weaving Wearables and AI to Create Connected Ecosystem of Guided Fitness


At a time when connected lifestyle is fast becoming a necessity – people look for intelligent solutions to their daily challenges. Keeping this in mind, Boltt – is striving to deliver an innovative intelligence driven connected fitness ecosystem to its users.

Arnav Kishore, Founder and CEO, Boltt Sports Technologies and Aayushi Kishore, Co-Founder Boltt Sports Technologies interact with Zia Askari from and share their thoughts on Boltt and how it is bringing together an ‘intelligence’ driven fitness ecosystem.


What is the essence of Boltt and tell us about your driving force for this Brand.

Arnav: Boltt was conceptualized 18 months ago when I took upon myself to re-invent what it meant to lead a healthy life. From a very young age, I have been into fitness and sports. I started playing tennis at the national level at the age of 10. So during my numerous years of training, I have dabbled with every fitness gadget there has been. But as an athlete, none of them could be through and through fitness companion.

So, Boltt is a result of my drive to bring in a holistic fitness ecosystem that suffices for every kind of fitness, for a beginner, for an enthusiast or for an athlete. We have envisioned Boltt as a Game Changer bringing together wearables and artificial intelligence to create a connected ecosystem of guided fitness, as the means to empower people to improve their health and lifestyle

The realization was that by only tracking steps or aiming for a 10,000 /day step goal, people will not move an inch at becoming fitter. With Boltt we have found the perfect harmony between hardware and software, that will truly add meaning to your lifestyle.

Data & Numbers are boring, but using data to provide knowledge, information, insights and choice is empowering. Boltt is here to usher in a new era of ‘The Connected Life’ at the core of which are beautiful products that understand the individuality of the user. All the user needs to do is wear them and their life will never be the same again.


Aayushi Kishore, Co-Founder Boltt

What are some of the big priorities that you have today?

Aayushi: Boltt today has aboard, a set of influencers and advisers ranging from Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Data Scientists, world renowned Biokineticists, Nutritionists and Sleep Experts from across the globe, who are helping to achieve the ambitious mission at hand. The launch and marketing efforts are gearing up towards a commercial unveil in the next 60 days.

We are thrilled to be showcasing as the only Indian start-up at The Pirate Summit at Cologne, Germany. We would also be showcasing and announcing the launch of brand Boltt at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Right now, a lot effort is on building a strong community and reaching out to different consumer sets and markets creating awareness about Boltt.

What are the key geographies that you are looking at?

Aayushi: Including India, we are looking at launching Boltt in 13 countries by next year.

What will be your retail and distribution strategy?

Aayushi: Boltt products will be available online through our credible e-commerce partners. And we also plan to strategically open flagship stores in key cities which we convert into experience centers and drive people to those demo outlets and give them a product experience. We start from India but we already have key associations in US and in S.Africa, who will be our business partners to handle the distribution in those markets.


Arnav Kishore, Founder and CEO, Boltt

What are the disrupting features in Boltt products that give you an edge over the existing competitors? 

Arnav: That’s the most interesting question. If you look at any good examples in the market today, companies that are into wearables, I think one thing every company today is lacking is the influence part. And you’ll keep on hearing this from us because that is something we deeply believe in. So, all the wearable have the capability to collect the data. But people are not able to adapt to this technology right now, because the data is presented in a very fragmented way and you don’t really know how to make sense of it on a daily basis.

You’ll get attracted to the wearable once but it is an ongoing problem of understanding your own trends and these are very general indicators that these wearables are able to give you. We wanted to go one step further to that and while AI does sound very exciting and futuristic, it is black hole that we are trying to enter.

It’s a space that people have not yet explored completely and this era standing into 2016 there are very few and limited example of well implemented AI in general. AI in general has not progressed to its entire peak. So, when we have tried to discover what AI can do, we get amazed and blown away by the capabilities of what all a computer can solve, much more capable than a human mind.

Playing with a combination of advanced fitness wearables, and an AI Health Coach, our products represent a ‘connected fitness’ solution. So the data the wearables capture are thrown into this entire machine learning and self-adapting platform, our AI coach. This tool solves and crunches these numbers and brings out the most important and the most crucial things about your own body.

So if you have been achieving 10,000 steps a day goal for 30 days in a row but why this happened was also because you had full on recovery in your sleep and you were spot on with your nutrition. So, there is a major interlinking which gets formed between the various aspects of your life and a human mind in one go cannot digest and analyze all of these numbers so we are trying to build an artificial mind and we are trying to give birth to a personality.

Till now, all activity trackers and wearables gave data. We are conspiring to change that by inferring this data and giving it meaning. At Boltt, the goal is to deliver the next generation of premium, highly advanced connected technology, the world has not seen till now

Why do you think we haven’t seen an international quality in tech wearables from India? What were the challenges you went through?

Aayushi: There have been a lot of companies that have focused on wearables so far but still we see that 10 out 15 people would dump in the drawer after 1st week of using them because they don’t know how to use it further. This gap is what we are bridging by providing a very powerful solution.

Arnav: To answer the second part of your question, one of the most difficult and the most challenging part in creating an AI is the longevity of the intelligence, how fast and how quickly you can grow and make the mind more intelligent and responsive to the user in real time. Also if the AI is perceived as being artificial, it will not sustain for long. So it has to interact and communicate with its user in a very human like way.

Humans are meant to talk to humans and interact so we are focusing on this part and we are trying to cover all aspects of AI in terms of giving it that one personality. So while it’s been a little toilsome and challenging but we know the results are more than worth it.


How is Boltt going to reinvent lifestyle of the consumers with the product?

Aayushi: While there is a lot of enthusiasm and an equal amount of data (if not more), thanks to the advent of wearables, there isn’t enough inference. Consumers at large are not experts in nutrition, fitness activity, sports and wellness and hence deciphering the data most wearables track becomes a challenges.

There are dietician and fitness coach/guide subscriptions available with a lot fitness bands/trackers but that is human & time bound and also means extra investment from the consumer. There is an urgent need of a holistic solution.

There is more than 60% drop-off rate by users after getting a fitness tracker/app. This is where Boltt is making the difference by inferring the data with the help of AI and cognitive computing.

Arnav: The Journey to achieving the best health and great fitness Is not easy. Boltt intends to change that by helping consumers through this journey with Motivation, Science and Personalized Guidance, which is fun and interactive.

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