Bobble Keyboard Unveils GIF feature enabling real-time personalized emojis


Bobble, a Selfie-based customizable emoji mobile app that enables individuals to engage in highly personalized self-expression, launches its latest GIF feature.

With this takeoff, the dynamic enterprise hopes to enable users with the experience of real-time personalization of GIFs to make conversations more expressive.

The GIF feature by Bobble Keyboard would also be integrated exclusively in Indus OS devices, which is the world’s first regional operating system made for smartphones in India and other emerging markets.

The Bobble Keyboard has used comprehensive technology to develop this feature that can adjust the expression on every face to match its emotion with the sticker or GIF in real time. In addition, the app will also offer personalized content recommendation to users based on the tone and tenor of the input text, through a self-learning algorithm.

Commenting on the launch, Mohd Wassem, Co-founder & MD, Bobble Keyboard said, “At Bobble, our main objective is to provide a platform to individuals, who want to use personal & expressive content to make their conversation more interactive.With our latest GIF feature, they will be able to experience meaningful and better conversations with their family and friends.”

Adding his bit, Ankit Prasad, Co-founder, Bobble Keyboard said, “The Bobble keyboard converts an individual’s selfie to hundreds of stickers, and also enables them to customize text in any language. With the new GIF feature, we hope to promote Bobble as a multi-feature app that can make conversations more emotive and personal.”

Since its launch, Bobble has partnered with various companies like Baidu, Indus OS, etc. It is also the first India-based app to associate with Apple Inc. for its iMessage app.

Additionally, the customized emoji mobile app has previously worked with brands like Zomato, Tinder, and YourStory, which have promoted Bobble on their exclusive websites, apps, and social media pages.