BMW Group, Telekom launch in-car 5G and Personal eSIM networking


The BMW Group is the first premium manufacturer to bring 5G to a globally available production vehicle and Deutsche Telekom is offering the matching 5G connectivity for cars for the first time.

The Personal eSIM can be easily extended and activated via an existing contract with the MobilityConnect option. This turns the vehicle into another connected device for customers, just like a smartwatch; even when the smartphone is not in the vehicle. Customers benefit from the high bandwidth and low latency on Telekom’s best 5G network.

As a result, the car offers significantly improved telephony quality and enables a 5G Wifi hotspot for up to ten devices in the vehicle. The activated Personal eSIM is directly linked to the customer’s BMW ID. It can be used, along with connected functions, in any enabled vehicle.

Mobility is entering the 5G era for the first time

The new 5G mobile communications standard will change people’s everyday digital lives and society. This also applies to mobility. In the areas of enter- and infotainment, automated driving and road safety, 5G plays a crucial role in future innovations.

Deutsche Telekom and the BMW Group are using Personal eSIM and MobilityConnect to link vehicle connectivity with the customer’s mobile network for the first time, and on a 5G basis. In addition, Deutsche Telekom customers can extend their existing mobile communications contract to their car for the first time.

Personal eSIM, true ‘dual-SIM dual-active’ and WiFi hotspot
The all-electric technology flagship BMW iX also brings a real world first in terms of connectivity. For the first time, 5G will be available in a production vehicle from a premium manufacturer.

In addition to the vehicle eSIM installed as standard, an additional personal eSIM is integrated as previously known from smart devices such as tablets or smartwatches. The mobile communications technology installed in the vehicle enables both eSIMs to be fully active on 5G at the same time (Dual-SIM-Dual-Active).

State-of-the-art antenna technology in the car enables peak 5G speeds for the customer. At the same time, it is no longer necessary to book an additional separate mobile contract for the vehicle for a hotspot. The vehicle’s eSIM can be activated very simply with the MobilityConnect option via the Telekom customer’s existing mobile communications contract.

“BMW has always been a pioneer in the networking of mobility. We installed the first SIM card in a vehicle back in 1997. Together with Telekom, we are now bringing a completely new level of connectivity to our customers’ cars with the 5G Personal eSIM,” says Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President Connected Company Development and Operations BMW Group.

Telekom launches first 5G mobile option for the car

Telekom is introducing a special tariff option for integrated connectivity in the car for the first time. As soon as the BMW iX is available on the market, Telekom customers will be able to extend their mobile phone contract to the BMW iX and later other enabled models with the MobilityConnect option for EUR 9.95 per month.

“Telekom is the leading network provider in Germany – both in mobile communications and in the fixed network. With our new MobilityConnect mobile communications option, we are bringing 5G networking to a vehicle as standard for the first time. Our best 5G network makes premium connectivity like in the BMW iX possible in the first place. In this way, we are creating completely new applications for Telekom customers in entertainment and infotainment and enabling the ever-increasing connectivity of the car”, explains André Almeida, Managing Director Private Customers at Telekom Deutschland.

Telekom has reached another milestone in mobile communications. The ultra-fast 3.6 gigahertz frequency band is now available in more than 60 cities. Over 2,400 antennas at a total of around 800 locations now ensure that more and more people can use high-speed 5G.

Overall, 85 percent of citizens can enjoy the new mobile communications standard – and Telekom is well on its way to reaching the 90 percent mark by the end of the year. Customers benefit directly from Telekom’s best 5G network. And now, high-speed data transmission rates of up to 1 gigabit per second and low latencies are also possible for customers in a production vehicle for the first time.

Simple booking via app

The booking can be easily started in the vehicle and the customer is guided step by step via the My BMW app and automatically via Telekom customer center to conclude the contract. When the rate option is booked, the eSIM is activated for the vehicle. After a minimum term of one year, the rate option can be canceled daily thereafter. The mobile communications option for the car will also be available for other vehicle models as early as this year.

Personal eSIM transferable to other authorized vehicles

Once the Personal eSIM is activated with the MobilityConnect option, the personal driver settings are not only stored in the car, but also with the BMW ID. So, by activating the BMW ID, customers can take the Personal eSIM settings with them to other enabled vehicles. When the BMW ID is registered, the Personal eSIM is automatically activated in the vehicle and is immediately available. In this way, Telekom customers can turn every BMW with Personal eSIM, for example rental or loaner vehicles, into their networked device.