Blackjack Strategies


Blackjack, the American version of the well-known Twenty-One, is now one of the most popular and played game in online casinos. It is a game based on many Players playing against the Dealer. The aim when playing Blackjack, is indeed to beat the Dealer.

Many Players are used to seeing at it with superstitious, following weird ‘winning rituals’ that in their opinions will help them winning. Actually, they are only false beliefs. There is only math and pure logic behind Blackjack.

Despite this, the right style of playing and some strategic moves are definitely very helpful to win this game. Let’s see some strategies that can be used.

6 Blackjack Winning Strategies

Here you are a list of strategies and tips that can be used when playing Blackjack. You may have taken some of them for granted. Actually, even small details can help you win the game.

Choose a trusted online casino

As we have mentioned in the article about Roulette strategies, it is very important to choose a reliable online casino. This will guarantee you secure winnings and avoid chasing them for days for payouts. As a trustworthy online casino game site, Fortuna Gaming can help you with that.

Know all the game details

There are different Blackjack variants, Classic, American, Crazy, Spanish 21, Live and Multi-hand. Before starting playing, it is very important that you get aware of all the rules behind the variant of the game you are about to play. Knowing how much the game is going to pay you, whether or not you are allowed to surrender or split aces, the number of decks in the shoe, will make a big difference to the success of the game.

Basic Blackjack strategy

It is based on the use of statistics and mathematical calculations. You are going to plan your next moves according to your Dealer’s starting card and your own cards. You can consider using a basic strategy card which can help you make the right moves. But don’t forget point two: keep always in mind the rules of the variant you are playing! This strategy will help you maximise your winnings and minimise your losses.


It is recommendable to split aces in some situations, to enhance your chances of winning the game. When to split aces: with two cards of the same value: two Aces, two Fours or two Kings. Always refer to the basic strategy card which helps you make the right moves.

Double – Down

When you find yourself in a very strong position, consider double your stake. This can help you gain advantage on the Dealer and keep it for longer.


As opposite to the previous strategy, the surrender strategy consists of leaving when you find yourself in a position where every move doesn’t make sense, so you prefer sacrificing half of your stake to limit further losses.

Final Thought on Blackjack strategies

To sum up, to play Blackjack successfully, it is very important to know all the rules behind the variant you have chosen to play as well as using your mathematical skills. As we have highlighted on this article, there are many basic moves you can learn that can help you win the game. Last but not least, another basic rule to bear in mind when playing Blackjack is to have a lot of fun!

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