Big Wave Wireless deploys RADWIN to deliver 100Mbps to underserved areas


RADWIN, a global wireless broadband solutions provider, has announced that Big Wave Wireless deployed RADWIN’s JET DUO 5GHz 1.5Gbps dual carrier base station and Smart-Node to service poorly served neighborhoods in Lucas, Texas. RADWIN products were supplied by local US distributor Connectronics.

Big Wave Wireless, LLC is a local wireless service provider, and as long-time residents of Lucas, they care about their community and their commitment to delivering a quality service to each of their subscribers.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase in demand for greater bandwidth to better support work and schooling from home. For this reason, Big Wave Wireless designed and launched a broadband solution to cover 3 neighborhoods where previous broadband internet options were limited.

Amye Mercer, President, Big Wave Wireless, LLC said “ Many of the homeowners within the neighborhood would have required personal broadband towers to reach line-of-sight to our existing macro site. By using JET DUO, we can now service multiple neighborhoods from a close single tower, using minimal equipment. By deploying JET DUO, we were able to mitigate interference from other co-located tower sites and deliver over 100 Mbps speeds to our customers. This is a game-changer for many in our community who have previously struggled with bandwidth issues.”

Reinhard Florin, RADWIN General Manager of US & Canada said “ Big Wave Wireless launched their network in December 2019 with a complete RADWIN greenfield build to better support their community. We were delighted when they later chose JET DUO, a 1.5Gbps dual carrier base station, to upgrade the service in underserved neighborhoods and deliver a quality service to their community. RADWIN is committed to working with service providers and address their growing demand for broadband to support WFH, online education and tele-health”

RADWIN is the global provider of broad band wireless solutions that deliver blazing fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, RADWIN’s solutions are equipped with powerful OSS tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle and enable operation in the toughest conditions including interference and nLOS.