Big Trends in Online Gambling 2020


Today online gambling industry is developing at a rapid pace. What are current big gambling trends and how online gambling will look like in 2020? All the questions are covered for you below.

Development of technology has changed the online gambling industry tremendously. Not so long ago, players didn’t have such a vast range of online games as they have now. For example, at ShowLion online casino players can choose to play various themed video slots, popular table games and live games for free or for real money and withdraw their winnings fast.

In 2019, high tech is a crucial point in the development of the gambling industry: live casinos improved the interface, online casinos massively adapted to mobile devices. What will be the year 2020 for the online gambling industry?

How online gambling develops in 2019

Today, 62% of all online gamblers play online casino games on their smartphones. In 2020, even more users will use their mobile phones to gamble online. This will result in an increased number of online casino applications and mobile versions of slots.

Live casinos offering live dealer games are in high demand in 2019. Players often go to websites that feature live dealer games, as they are easy to play on mobile devices, and the atmosphere is very close to terrestrial gambling establishments.

The following changes will occur in the new year, but the gambling sector in 2020 will also have its own development peculiarities.

AI in online gambling

Live casinos will continue to develop during the next year. Most of the online casinos will switch to multilingual platforms that will increase the flow of players.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence solutions  will be actively used in the online gambling industry. Thanks to this, each player will receive an individual offer. This will help to track and analyze their activity, simplify person identification process, making it more reliable, in particular, by using voice. Artificial Intelligence will help owners of online gambling platforms to explore the behavior of players to form the most attractive bonuses for them.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Another big gambling trend in 2020 is VR technologies. Virtual Reality will allow users to directly interact with each others during the live game. So, back in September 2018, the developers of PokerStars announced the release of the video game PokerStars VR. It can be played with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

Virtual reality platforms will make online gambling even more realistic and engaging. For example, thanks to VR, poker players will be able to see each other and detect who is bluffing. Microgaming and Novomatic are also working on introducing virtual reality technologies into online games.

Active development in the field of Augmented Reality for gambling is also underway. Magic Leap AR ecosystem is the great example of AR solution. The company is developing personalized tools, software and content that help users experience the full immersion into the gameplay.

Blockchain in online gambling

According to forecasts, in the coming year, the number of gambling projects that will fundraise through ICOs will increase: this way, new companies will be able to compete with main operators. Also, such projects are attractive for the players themselves: when buying tokens of a gambling platform, they get a number of advantages. For example, they can use the crypto as domestic currency or make money on selling the assets if they grow in value.

Actual gambling operators will also actively use blockchain technology in online casinos. This allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency, which is a guarantee that operations are transparent. Using cryptocurrency, online casino singapore will be able to act completely anonymously. Already now, you can directly pay Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin in roulette and poker. This year, products that are based on blockchain focus on slots.

Mobile gambling

Back in 2018, experts believed that mobile gambling would soon replace other forms of casinos. Today, we can see that they weren’t wrong. The share of mobile gambling is growing and, in 2020, every respectable online casino will have to offer their players an advanced mobile version with a full range of games.

According to App Annie, in 2020, 70% of total gambling revenue will come from mobile gambling. And there is no wonder as people do a lot of things through their mobile gadgets, starting from watching movies and listening to music, ending with paying utilities. Of course, they will also switch to gamble on mobile phones. Moreover, playing via mobile phones is easy, comfortable and even more secure.