Beyond Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Beyond Now, a fast-growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, has announced that its Infonova Digital Business Platform is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace empowering organizations to embrace new business models and grow revenue together with an ecosystem of partners.

The digital business platform is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and is ideal for businesses who are looking to rapidly build digital marketplaces for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), IoT, enterprises, and consumer solutions that use partner orchestration hubs or modernize their business support systems (BSS).


The platform is also designed to act as the underlying technology that can unify digital experiences for customers in the communication and technology space. Through its unique ecosystem orchestration capabilities, Infonova gives service providers (SPs) the ability to co-create solutions leveraging new technologies such as Cloud, Edge, 5G etc., onboard them, sell and monetize at scale.

Google Cloud customers can now procure Beyond Now’s Digital Business Platform directly from Google Cloud, as well as benefit from streamlining their procurement processes.

SPs are adopting new business models to grow revenue beyond their connectivity services. The Infonova Digital Business Platform is designed to enable them to get there faster. Through this collaboration, SPs can also benefit from the ability to rapidly sell Google Cloud and SME software solutions, packaging them with their own solutions or third-party services that can be onboarded at speed, and launched within days.

With the Infonova Digital Business Platform now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to:

Simplify digital “shop, buy and use” experiences for SPs’ customers
Rapidly launch any solution with any commercial model with any business rules in days

Grow with their ecosystem and manage the end-to-end dynamics of partner ecosystems including channel partners, solution partners, marketplace and B2B2X

Leverage their own assets, including their internal and external ecosystems, to drive new revenue and maximize efficiency

Start small with the most pressing business problem or a single use case, then scale and expand with success, while keeping control of risk and cost

Experiment, test, launch and monetize new offerings at speed – leveraging multiple technologies and services (e.g., Cloud, Edge, 5G or IoT), and a partner ecosystem.

“Organizations digitally transforming their businesses to expand into new markets require technologies that support these new models of business, such as cloud infrastructure, 5G, edge computing,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs. “We’re thrilled to have the Infonova platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace to help customers access and implement the solutions they need to grow their businesses and succeed at scale in the cloud.”

“Our partnership with Google Cloud has gone from strength to strength. Together, we’re already successfully delivering customer projects and experiencing growing demand worldwide. This latest development means our customers can benefit both from the technology advantage of having Infonova on Google Cloud and the commercial flexibility of buying Infonova from Google Cloud Marketplace” said Angus Ward, CEO at Beyond Now.