Beyon Connect Unveils Digital Postbox Solution in Bahrain

Beyon Connect Unveils Digital Postbox Solution in Bahrain

Beyon Connect brings a new way to communicate to Bahrain, through the launch of OneBox, an innovative digital postbox solution. OneBox is the first solution of its kind in Bahrain and positions the Kingdom as the first country in the Middle East to deliver digital postbox services.

Beyon Connect, launched in January is a subsidiary of Batelco, focused on delivering new technologies with great innovation potential, Software-as-a-Service platforms, and advanced IT solutions to both the public and private sectors in the MENA region.

OneBox enables free and easy direct communication for residents with private sector businesses as well as public sector entities. The solution is fully sender and receiver validated, guaranteeing spam free secure distribution. OneBox helps streamline everyday digital communication and complies with international personal data protection and privacy laws.

As more public and private sector entities become integrated with OneBox, customers will be able to receive important documents like salary slips, health results, contracts, bank statements, utility bills etc., all in one secure, convenient, and trusted digital space.

OneBox has been developed in partnership with the Danish company e-Boks, a long-term provider of user-friendly secure platforms for digital communication. e-Boks is used by both private individuals and companies, and more than 5 million people and 600,000 companies in Denmark use the platform.

“We are proud and excited to launch OneBox, our first product under Beyon Connect,” says Christian Rasmussen, CEO of Beyon Connect.

“We see the launch of OneBox as an important steppingstone on our journey towards creating a more digitally inclusive society in Bahrain. OneBox delivers unique transformational value to the people, institutions and businesses of Bahrain and removes communication barriers between all users through a user-friendly, secure and simple platform.”

“Digital postbox solutions have been used successfully in Denmark for many years and other regions are adopting the tried and tested technology. We see high potential for the solution in the Bahrain market and beyond,” he added.

e-Boks CEO Ulrik Falkner Thagesen said, “We are pleased that our experience and the digital solutions we have been working on for many years have been leveraged by Beyon Connect. We have developed a strong technology partnership with Beyon Connect so that we are now in a position to supply solutions across the whole MENA region.”

By introducing OneBox to the Bahrain market, Beyon Connect paves the way for a movement towards a modern and digitally connected MENA region. Together with its pioneering partners, Beyon Connect will play an important part in laying the cornerstones for a data driven, sustainable and paperless future. Furthermore, the delivery of this new digital solution will help to support the Kingdom’s position as the region’s leading hub in the ICT and data economy.