Best Video Editing Tools For Those Who Want to Experiment with Cloud Platforms

Cloud Innovation

Today, cloud computing has taken the world by storm and affects several spheres of work and business. These include cloud accounting, cloud kitchen, online project management, etc. The world of video editing is also influenced by this cloud revolution.

Today, we see a host of cloud-based video editors. If you are keen to explore the benefits of such editors, here are the top 8 tools for you to consider.


If you are used to an intuitive interface, then InVideo is the perfect choice for you. A cloud video editing platform that is specially designed for novices, this lets you create high-end videos even if you do not have prior editing experience.

InVideo is a versatile tool that allows you to create promotional and video ads at the click of a button. For individuals or brands looking to boost their social media presence with engaging stories, covers, videos, and ads, InVideo is an ideal choice.

JW Player Editor

If your video editing needs are diverse and you need to work on a range of video formats, then this is the perfect choice for you. MP3, MP$, WAV, Ogg, JPG, MOV, GIF, JPG, and AVI are some of the formats supported by this tool. This video editing cloud-based tool allows you to edit photos, music, and video separately and then bring them together to get the results you had hoped for.

That way, you get better precision and can come up with superior quality videos. For those on a low budget, the free version of this tool (that comes with 1GB storage) is an excellent choice. The other versions include Advanced and Pro (priced at $49 and $349 per year, respectively), whose features are worth the money if you can afford it.


WeVideo aims at providing a cloud-based collaborative editing experience to its users. This makes it a perfect choice for your work-related video-editing. As you work on this platform, any changes made to the video will reflect in real-time, and your colleagues will be able to pick up from where you left.

The free version of the app allows 5GB of online storage, Post that you can upgrade to personal, business, or educational plans that start from $4.99 per month. Like, WeVideo has mobile device support and offers the option of directly sharing your edited content on YouTube or Facebook. With Google Drive integration and a host of cloud-specific editing functions, this is one of the finest editing tools of today.


One of the most up-to-date editing tools, FlexiClip, is one of the simplest platforms for brands looking to use video to boost their sales. This tool comes with several video template options using which you can create a video in a matter of minutes. That way, you will be able to create a video for every product or service that you launch, thereby allowing potential customers an in-depth look into your business offering.

Such initiatives will go a long way in influencing buyer behavior, improving your website traffic, and converting leads to sales. FlexClip is an excellent cloud-based editing tool for those looking to convert one form of video to another or compress their video for optimizing the viewing experience.


Clipchamp specializes exclusively in video and provides a one-stop solution to all your video conversion, compression, and editing needs. Here, you get access to huge stock footage, allowing you to mix and match audio and video. This makes Clipchamp an ideal choice for situations wherein you have a video file but need appropriate audio to go with it (or vice versa).

This tool also gives you the provision of saving and sharing your edited video on a social media platform. The only drawback of this cloud editing tool is the fact that it is currently available only for G Suite and G Suite for Education users.

ClickBerry Interactivity Creator

ClickBerry is a unique tool that lets you edit your video on your PC and save it online. Supported across iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms, users can download the tool on multiple devices, and any change will reflect on all the devices.

Upon signing in, every user gets 1GB of free storage, which can later be increased by upgrading to paid programs. The tool comes with a provision of directly uploading your edited videos on Facebook.


If you have an affinity for pastel colors and like to experiment with softer hues in your video, then Pixorial is one of the finest editing tools for you. Here, you will find ample color and design options on the title, transitions, and text overlays. You can start using the tool by creating an account on the platform or signing up with your Facebook or Google account.

The signup can be done for free, and it will open the doors to a host of online storage options as well as drive integration. Pixorial is one of the few cloud editing tools that have a dedicated app for iOS devices. In this tool, you will get 50GB of free storage if you refer friends to use the platform.

YouTube Video Editor

One of the pioneers in the world of cloud video editing, the YouTube Video Editor, has a host of new functions that makes it relevant even today. The efficient usage of this tool is by using a third-party screen capturer to upload the video to YouTube. Simply uploading videos captured by your camera is another viable option.

Once on YouTube, the in-built video editor will then allow you to add or remove frames, music, transitions, or join videos. You can also do basic editing work such as rotating, trimming, stabilizing clips, or annotate frames to your choice. This is a perfect choice for brands that are looking to improve their visibility on YouTube and other social media platforms by leveraging the power of video content.

Thus, you see that there is no death of cloud video editing tools. Based on your choice, feel free to make a pick from the list discussed above and enjoy the benefits of cloud editing. Click here for more info.