Best Smartphones for Gaming in 2017


With a huge increase of the computer power people carry around in pockets, smartphone gaming industry has become one of the biggest on the market today.

Smartphones are used not only for work, social networks, and communication but also for a gaming experience with various accessories offered for keen players.

The year 2017 can be called a new era or a breakthrough in a smartphone gaming thanks to new technologies, innovations, graphics, designs and many other features developed and released by the mobile giants such as Apple, Samsung and others.

Knowing that millions of people across the globe are into online gambling industry, manufacturers are trying to create smartphones that would be perfect for gaming purposes.

Samsung Galaxy S8

One of best smartphones for gaming in 2017 is Samsung Galaxy S8. It can be compared to an outstanding gaming platform, where people can play their favourite free mobile slot games and even earn some money.

Due to its amazing characteristics, all the games will run smoothly and without any delays or pauses. This Samsung model has even managed to overcome Google in terms of a quality gameplay.

Apart from the standard gaming features the smartphone provides, one can also use various built-in options to make the process more social and fun.

It means you can play various slots directly from the casino websites or download favourite casino apps right on the phone and share them with friends through live streaming (Slotomania, OpCash, Monopoly, King games, etc).

When playing various games on the Samsung Galaxy S8, it feels like it was designed especially for gamers.

Apple iPhone 7+

Having an Apple iPhone 7+ for gaming is a dream come true. It was designed to deliver powerful graphics without taking power from the device. Apple developers were offered a special platform to make games for, which are now played by millions of people.

Despite its big size, lots of people still love it. Plus a big screen has never been a disadvantage, especially in the gaming sphere. Thanks to the big display size, all games look slick, large, accurate and detailed. Try to check lots of mobile friendly slots on 777Spinslot to make sure with its help that it is a really driving modern device.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours of constant playing, which is great considering that nowadays, a mobile phone is a primary device for casual gaming and using.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

When it comes to playing games, slots or other entertainments then Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 100% one of the best. It is capable of running smoothly absolutely every game starting from simple casino apps and finishing with gambling directly through the internet casino website.

With that in mind, one can be absolutely sure that this device is worth buying if you are a keen gambler and are planning to use it for gaming purposes. By purchasing this gadget you receive the following advantages:

  1. great design and style;
  2. special apps and features;
  3. large display that so beneficial in gaming;
  4. a great gaming performance;

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