Best PPT to PDF Converter: Convert Powerpoint Online (FREE)


You can find a lot of tools to convert your PDF to a PPT. These tools are readily available because converting a PDF to a presentation file is not a challenge. However, converting a PPT to PDF is a challenging task as there’s much more editing and layout involved.

We wanted to use the best converter to convert our presentations into a shareable file format. Therefore, we did some research and found the best converter to convert PPT to PDF online. upload scribus pdf

This article covers everything about the tool and how you can use it to convert your files. Before we discuss the tool, let us know where and how you can access it.


CocoDoc is a free PDF editor that comes with different tools to create, edit, or convert a PDF online. It is exclusively available for PDF file format and it keeps updating its tools to support editors. The best thing about the platform is that they are trying to provide all the required tools on a single platform.

PPT to PDF Converter is one of the tools they offer to their users. You can either use your limited free access to this website or subscribe to a 14-day free trial without paying any money. That is why we will share the guide using the same platform. 

Here’s everything you need to know about its PDF converter.

CocoDoc’s PPT to PDF Converter

The PPT to PDF converter works both ways and lets you create easy presentations online. However, the main focus of this tool is to provide you the technology to convert your presentations into a PDF. For this, the platform provides you an easy option to upload and convert your file.

How To Use PPT to PDF Converter

Here are the easy steps to convert any PPT to a PDF online.

Step1: Access PPT to PDF Converter

The first step is to check out PowerPoint to PDF tools available on its website. You can access it directly from the above link or visit CocoDoc’s website to use it. It is available under the features tab on the homepage of this solution.

Tip: The tool is accessible even without logging in to an account. However, we recommend logging in through your Gmail account to save or manage your files conveniently.

Step2: Upload your PPT File

In this step, you need to upload your PowerPoint presentation on this tool. You can do it by clicking on the Choose File button from the service page. It will provide different options to upload the file. We recommend browsing it directly from your device and select it from there.

However, you can still find some other options to upload it directly from a URL, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account. Thus, it depends on your preferences.

Step3: Edit & Preview

After uploading the file, the server will take a few seconds to verify it. After that, it will show you a preview of the converted PDF. You can make all the changes using the advanced tools available on the same page. It helps you avoid other edits after converting the file.

That is why we recommend checking the preview and make all the edits you need. After verifying the new file, you can move to the next step.

Step4: Download

The final step is to click on the download button to save it on your device. You can also choose to keep the file on your CocoDoc account. 

Is it Secure to Use an Online PDF Editor?

It is completely safe to use CocoDoc’s PDF editor because the server is encrypted with SSL certification. Additionally, the solution automatically deletes all the files you convert from the server within 24 hours. However, you can choose to keep them online on your online account storage.

Another reason behind its popularity is its mobile application. With its mobile application, you can use offline services and can easily keep the data limited to your smartphone.

Final Words

Using an advanced and reliable PDF converter can help you save a lot of editing time and effort. This PDF to PPT Converter is an excellent tool to convert presentations into a PDF online. Thus, you can access this tool on CocoDoc’s website and start converting all the files you need.