Best Mobile Devices To Play Mobile Slots On


The online casino industry has evolved significantly over the last decade, with the emergence of new technology playing a major part in this.

One of those advancements has been in the world of mobile and due to the vast improvement, it means that smartphones have overtaken desktop as the player’s preferred device of choice.

As a result, virtually all software providers and new online casinos now think ‘mobile first’ when they are creating a casino site, with their thought process very much towards providing the best mobile customer experience.

Some online casinos even have their own mobile app, that can be downloaded from the Android and iOS stores, which makes the playing experience even more convenient. You can find a number of the best online casinos that have their own mobile apps at

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile devices that you can currently find to play at online casinos.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

In terms of pure graphic quality, this smartphone device unquestionably takes some beating, though it comes with a hefty price tag. Despite that though, you will be able to easily download your casino app from the Android store, which is a quick and efficient process.

Over the last decade, Samsung mobile devices have become somewhat of a flagship, even rivalling Apple and this is definitely exemplified in their graphical quality, which when it comes to mobile gaming is something that players find important.

Apple iPhone 12

If you are an iOS fan, then you cannot go wrong with this. All iPhone’s have proven to be reliable in all areas, with their easy to use functionality. The majority of online casinos have their own app available on the iOS store and while there might be subtle differences between that and Android, you certainly cannot fault the experience that you get from mobile gaming.

While this might come with a considerable pricetag, which is somewhat of a trademark with Apple products, the usability, battery life and impressive screen size make this a great choice for online gambling.

Sony Xperia 1 II

The Japanese company has long been associated with developing impressive technology and are still considered the leaders in many circles. Their mobile devices are on par with the likes’ of Samsung and Apple, which means the graphics are as good as you could expect which means that you will not be disappointed if you use this for playing slots.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Over the last few years, this Chinese company has had a significant impact in the mobile space. While being considerably more affordable than Apple and even Samsung, some believe that they are even better in terms of performance.

Boasting stunning graphics and long lasting battery life, when you take into account the price as well, this could be the more ideal ‘top of the range’ mobile device on the market. While the Mate 40 is the latest in the Huawei series, the P30 range is just as good and mobile gamers will certainly find that they have very little to complain about. Players will find that they can download the majority of online casino apps from the Android store, easily and conveniently.