Best CRM systems for doing business


Application software developed specifically for organizations is designed to automate the work of employees, their communication with customers / among themselves. It has been proven that the use of such software improves the optimization of the workflow; the system is needed to collect, store and analyze information about orders and customers. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular CRM systems.


The system is primarily focused on startups and small businesses. Differs in great possibilities for manual adjustment. You will be provided with a huge amount of a variety of resources (manuals, educational documentation, etc.). Advantages:

  • reporting / management tools;
  • integration via API;
  • active developer community.

You can use the free version for review and see no code vs full code.

This CRM system is cloud-based. Created for professional management of business processes: leads, orders, workflow, invoices, etc. Has a built-in corporate social network and polyphony.


It is extremely effective for running small and medium businesses. Allows you to manage sales, communicate with customers. It should be noted that you can use Bitrix24 as a boxed solution or in the cloud. Naturally, they differ slightly in their functionality, but on the whole they are very similar. Using Bitrix24, you can manage projects and tasks, set up trigger letters, SMS, integrate mail, keep reports. The CRM system also allows you to create a website, landing page, which can be useful. The prices are as follows:

  • Box – from 51,920 rubles;
  • Cloud – from 10 852 p.

There are also special rates. The program is available in more than 10 languages, among them: Russian, English, Ukrainian, German, etc.


The system is convenient for monitoring correspondence with customers using Gmail. At the same time, Streak is quite simple, training does not take much time. Basic features:

  • data validation;
  • email monitoring;
  • data recovery service;
  • a variety of reporting tools.


Another service that organizes a variety of information on your tasks. Allows you to add new projects, control the timing of tasks, send files. In most cases it is used as a data warehouse. Naturally, you can try the free version with limited functionality.

The main feature is integration with other products of this company. Available in both box and cloud versions. You will be able to manage:

  • sales;
  • marketing;
  • contacts;
  • support, etc.

It is also possible to create templates for Word and Excel files. You can install an application for iOS, Android, Windows. There is a Russian version.


The most popular in the field of e-commerce. Many online store owners work with this system, as it helps to optimize the order processing process. Possibilities:

  • integration with CMS, 1C, mail;
  • analytics (employees / communications / clients);
  • synchronization of the product catalog;
  • trigger system for data automation;
  • work in 1 window mode.

You can work with the Russian, Spanish or English version of the system.

Everything you need to promote on social networks. SMM marketing on VK, FAceBook, Instagram and others.


Suitable for small and medium businesses. Available in both cloud and box version. Main advantages:

  • control of working hours;
  • built-in telephony;
  • preparation of reports;
  • integration with mail;
  • communication of employees on projects;
  • data storage.


This crm for startups allows you to manage the sales funnel, helps with monitoring, information analysis. Among the main features:

  • integration with mail;
  • built-in alert / notification system;
  • a graphical interface that is needed to manage the funnel;
  • sales reporting and forecasting;
  • you can install a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Try the free version for a trial.