Bell Unveils Fibe Gigabit 8.0 Service in Toronto

Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 with North America’s fastest Internet speeds now available in Toronto (CNW Group/Bell Canada)

Bell has announced the availability of Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0, allowing customers to experience the fastest Internet speeds available in North America right from their own home.

Bell pure fibre Internet Gigabit 8.0 with symmetrical download and upload speeds of 8 Gbps is now available in eligible areas of Toronto, and the Bell Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E, the most advanced Wi-Fi technology, is also now available for customers throughout Ontario and Québec.

Bell pure fibre Internet Gigabit 8.0 Internet speeds deliver download speeds five times faster than cable technology and upload speeds 250 times faster than cable technology. These gigabit speeds are the fastest available on the market today among major Internet service providers (ISPs) in North America. With the largest fibre optic network in Canada and a full line up of gigabit speeds, Bell brings faster speeds to more households than any other provider.

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Bell will continue to expand availability of Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 across its footprint over the coming months, in addition to continuing work on its aggressive fibre buildout, with plans to reach up to 900,000 more homes and businesses across much of Canada with direct fibre connections this year. This is part of Bell’s historic two-year capital expenditure program of almost $10 billion, now in its second year, to accelerate the rollout of its broadband fibre, 5G and rural networks.

“We’re excited that our customers in Toronto will be the first to experience Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 and the Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E so that they can enjoy the fastest Internet speeds and the best Wi-Fi technology in North America. And we won’t stop here. We’ll continue to advance our commitment to deliver a superb Internet experience for our customers across our entire footprint,” said, Blaik Kirby, Group President, Consumer and Small & Medium Business, Bell.

Many households today have multiple devices connected simultaneously throughout the home, with phones, computers, entertainment devices, and smart appliances all connecting to the Internet. Wi-Fi 6E can deliver faster speeds per connected device and help alleviate congestion, especially with 6E-capable devices.

Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 includes the Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E, enabling gigabit Wi-Fi speeds up to two times faster for connected devices shared in the home than Wi-Fi 6E solutions offered today by other major Canadian ISPs.

Wi-Fi 6E is the next evolution of Wi-Fi advancement, enabling faster speeds and lower latency when used with a compatible device and allows customers to work, learn, video chat, stream and game online on any or all of their household devices simultaneously.

Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 leverages the same simple integrated gateway as all Bell fibre-to-the-home installations, with no special devices or complex hardware configurations required to support the new, faster Internet speeds. In addition, Bell Wi-Fi pods are compatible with the Giga Hub for full coverage throughout the house. Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 is available for eligible customers starting at $135/month, which includes a credit of $15/month for a two-year period.