Bell Unveils 5G Network Across 5 Cities in Canada

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Bell has launched Canada’s largest 5G wireless network, offering unprecedented mobile data speeds and Canada’s broadest selection of 5G-capable smartphones.

Now available in Montréal, the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, Bell’s initial 5G service will expand to more centres across the country as the next-generation wireless technology grows in speed and capacity, enabling unprecedented connectivity and an infinite range of new consumer and business mobile applications in coming years.

To accelerate 5G innovation in Canada, Bell has also partnered with Western University to create an advanced 5G research centre, including the deployment of a campus-wide 5G network.

“Bell has built the country’s best networks since 1880 with a goal to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world, and we’re proud to take the next step forward with the country’s largest 5G network,” said Mirko Bibic, President and CEO of BCE and Bell Canada. “As the world rapidly embraces the Fifth Generation of wireless, Bell is ready to ensure Canada remains at the forefront of 5G innovation and accessibility. The COVID-19 crisis has clearly underscored the critical importance of high-quality networks to keeping consumers, businesses and governments connected and informed, and Bell remains committed to building the best as we take wireless into the next generation.”

Championing the 5G customer experience

“With 5G coverage that is 6 times greater than the next largest network, the biggest selection of 5G-capable devices available and faster data speeds than even our award-winning Advanced LTE network, Bell Mobility has once again raised the bar in Canadian wireless,” said Claire Gillies, President of Bell Mobility. “As the scale, speed and capabilities of our next-generation network continue to grow, Bell Mobility will champion the 5G customer experience in every part of our business.”

Bell 5G customers in Montréal, the GTA, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver will have access to enhanced mobile data speeds and faster response times, as well as seamless connections to Bell’s national LTE network – which reaches 99% of the Canadian population and already offers data speeds that independent analysts have found rank with the fastest in the world.

Bell offers Canada’s largest selection of 5G-enabled smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series, LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen and Motorola Edge+, all for as low as $0 upfront with Bell SmartPay. 5G access is $10 a month on any Bell Mobility postpaid plan and is currently offered as a free bonus until March 31, 2021. For more about Bell 5G, please visit

Enabling Canada’s 5G innovation

The high capacity and near instant connections offered by mobile 5G will support a virtually unlimited range of new consumer and business applications in coming years, including virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, connected vehicles, smart cities and enhanced rural access, and unprecedented IoT opportunities for business and government enterprises.

Canada Opportunities

The first company to trial mobile 5G technology in Canada, Bell is working with a range of leading global and domestic 5G partners, including Ericsson and Nokia, to accelerate Canada’s 5G innovation ecosystem.

This includes continued funding of R&D at Canadian institutions, such as the partnership announced today between Western University and Bell to create a new academic centre for research into 5G applications across health, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and other sectors.

On the international stage, Bell is a leader in the setting of global 5G standards with our participation in the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) consortium and Third Generation Partnership Program (3GPP).

Bell invests more in Canadian communications R&D than any other company, part of our approximately $4 billion capital investment annually in the nation’s wireless and fibre network infrastructure.

These investments have ensured Canadians already enjoy the fastest wireless connections in the world – independent studies have found Canada’s 4G LTE networks rank with the fastest globally, far outpacing the United States and even rivalling the data speeds of initial 5G networks already available in countries like South Korea.