Bell to Expand Fibre Connectivity in Unserved Areas of Québec

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Bell will roll out high-speed Internet services to several unserved areas of Québec in partnership with the governments of Canada and Québec as part of the “Operation High Speed” initiative.

Announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier François Legault, the Bell projects will provide 100% fibre Internet connections to 30,908 homes and businesses in nearly 100 Québec communities.

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“Bell applauds this government commitment to connecting all Quebecers, with this cooperation between Québec and the federal government representing a clear and practical example of the leadership needed to accelerate broadband connectivity for everyone,” said Karine Moses, Bell‘s Vice Chair, Québec. “The success of this ambitious project will depend on cooperation and rigorous execution by all players, and Bell is very proud to help lead the way in this historic undertaking. Building the best networks is at the heart of our strategy and we are committed to advancing the way Quebecers communicate with each other and the world.”

Last week, Bell reaffirmed its plan to respond quickly to requests for access to its communications infrastructure in anticipation of an increase in the volume of requests over the coming months, underscoring its focus on accelerating the deployment of high-speed Internet to all Quebecers by September 2022.

In February, Bell also announced that it was advancing fibre, wireless and rural network rollouts with at least $1 billion in accelerated capital investment over the next 2 years, the largest such project in Bell’s history. This will enable Bell to reach up to a total of 6.9 million urban and rural locations in Canada with high-speed Internet by the end of 2021, while also doubling Bell mobile 5G population coverage.