Bell Media, Grandé Studios Increase Commitment to Québec Content Creation

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Bell Media and Grandé Studios announced a new partnership that will bring increased resources to Québec’s French-language content creation and production communities.

Bell Media has acquired a minority investment in the Montréal-based company, which provides production facilities, camera and lighting equipment rentals in Montréal and Toronto, and technical services to the local and international TV and film production industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Grandé Studios (CNW Group/Bell Media)

Grandé Studios facilities have already been home to several Bell Media original productions including TRANSPLANT, LA SEMAINE DES 4 JULIE, and the Crave Original Film The Song of Names, in addition to several Hollywood blockbuster movie productions such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jack Ryanand Moonfall, one of the biggest productions currently filming in Canada.

“When we started out, Andrew Lapierre, Mitsou Gélinas, Paul Hurteau and I dreamed of one day having a complete service offering that would rival with the big ones and the construction of Grandé Studios was a crucial step in achieving this vision,” explained Iohann Martin, President, Grandé Studios. “This partnership with Bell Media is a source of pride. Together, we are committed to contributing to the influence of creators here and across the country.”

“This partnership accelerates Bell Media’s ongoing commitment to the Québec economy and increases our ability to help bring more Québécois content to market,” said Karine Moses, Bell’s Vice Chair, Québec, and President, Bell Media Québec. “With their real estate, Grandé Studios has the opportunity to meet the increased demand for production facilities in Montréal, and we look forward to working with creators to increase the number of productions in the city.”

The partnership with Grandé Studios is just one of Bell Media’s many recent investments in Canada’s French-language film and television industry, including the acquisition of conventional channel V, recently rebranded as Noovo, and the addition of French-language content to Crave, the leading Canadian subscription streaming service.

Founded in 1997 by Iohann Martin, Mitsou Gélinas and Andrew Lapierre, Groupe Dazmo is a multidisciplinary Montréal company working in the film, television and advertising industry.

The convergence of its subsidiaries, Grandé Studios, Grandé Camera and Dazmo, allows the company to offer a wide range of creative and technical services. The business model focuses on all-in-one rental, offering rental of studio space and equipment for filming, music and sound design, as well as pre and post-production.