Bell expands pure fibre Internet access in the Laurentian region


Bell has expanded pure fibre Internet service to homes and businesses in the rural community of Sainte-Adèle. Part of Bell’s accelerated capital investment in national next-generation network infrastructure, the expansion program will bring all-fibre broadband access to approximately 1,200 rural locations in Sainte-Adèle by the end of 2021.

Fully funded by Bell, this broadband expansion program will provide fast and high-capacity 100% fibre connections to even more residents of rural communities with Internet download speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps and access to leading Bell services such as Fibe TV.

Earlier this year, Bell announced an additional investment of $1.7 billion in capital over the next 2 years to accelerate the rollout of its broadband fibre, 5G and rural networks.

Enabled by a positive investment climate reflecting government support for infrastructure development, this capital acceleration is in addition to the approximately $4 billion in capital Bell typically invests in broadband network infrastructure and expansion each year.

“Bridging the rural divide is a priority for Bell as we advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world,” said Karine Moses, Bell’s Vice Chair, Québec. “Fully funded by Bell, this expansion in the Laurentians complements the work also being done by the Québec and federal governments to connect people and businesses throughout Québec to fast and reliable Internet. We’re proud to bring our pure fibre connections and world-leading Internet and TV services to even more households and commercial locations throughout the Quebec community of Sainte-Adèle.”

“We welcome Bell’s investment in Sainte-Adèle to provide a fast and reliable network to many of our residents and businesses,” said Nadine Brière, Mayor of Sainte-Adèle. “Broadband accessibility is essential for the development of our community and to allow our residents and visitors to communicate, work and entertain themselves.”