Bell Canada Expands 5G Service in Newfoundland, Labrador


Bell has announced the latest expansion of Canada’s most-awarded 5G network in Atlantic Canada, including the first 5G service in Newfoundland and Labrador. With this expansion, Bell customers also now have access to the largest 5G network in Nova Scotia.

“As the country’s largest investor in communication network infrastructure, including here in Atlantic Canada, Bell continues to deliver on our goal to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world,” said Glen LeBlanc, Bell’s Vice Chair, Atlantic. “With incredibly fast speeds, high capacity and near-instant connections, Bell 5G will ensure Atlantic Canadians are ready for all the possibilities of the next generation of mobile digital communications.”

“The introduction of 5G technology to Newfoundland and Labrador will enhance the lives and livelihoods of many,” said Paul Preston, CEO of techNL. “Access to this next generation mobile network means we will be able to open up new possibilities, compete globally, attract and retain talent, and drive economic growth.”

Residents and businesses in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Fredericton, New Brunswick and St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador along with the communities of Flatrock, Paradise, Portugal Cove and Wabana can enjoy super fast data speeds made possible with 5G technology. Later this year, Bell will further expand Canada’s most-awarded 5G network to more locations across the region, including Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Offering peak theoretical mobile data speeds up to 1.7 Gbps, Bell’s 5G network is on track to cover up to 70% of the Canadian population by the end of the year.

The unmatched data speed, unprecedented bandwidth and super low latency offered by Bell 5G will enable millions of new business and consumer applications, opening up possibilities in virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, connected vehicles and smart homes and cities. 5G’s speed and efficiency in delivering data is also expected to have a significant positive environmental impact.

Bell’s accelerated network investment

Earlier this year, Bell announced it will invest an additional $1.7 billion in capital over the next 2 years to accelerate the rollout of broadband fibre, 5G and rural networks. Enabled by a positive investment climate reflecting federal support for infrastructure development, this capital acceleration is in addition to the approximately $4 billion in capital Bell typically invests in broadband networks expansion each year.