Bayobab Acknowledges Connectivity Disruptions Due to Undersea Cable Damage

Bayobab Group

Bayobab Group, which is a subsidiary of MTN Group – has acknowledged connectivity disruptions due to undersea cable damage.

In an issued statement, Bayobab Group has acknowledged the ongoing disruptions affecting connectivity services in several West African countries, due to breaks in multiple major undersea cables.

“Recognising the critical importance of consistent internet and communication services, we are fully committed to swiftly addressing these disruptions.

To mitigate the impact on our customers in the affected countries, our operations are actively working to reroute traffic through alternative network paths and engaging with our consortium partners to expedite the repair process for the damaged cables. Leveraging our robust and resilient network infrastructure, we aim to minimise service interruptions and maintain connectivity.

Bayobab Group

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to resolve this situation,” the statement adds.

As a subsidiary of the MTN Group, Bayobab (Formerly MTN GlobalConnect) is deeply anchored in a culture enriched by decades of excellence.

The Bayobab fibre network has 16 substantial subsea fibre cables that wind their way ashore at landing stations connecting to
key national points to promote local content within countries.

From there, Bayobab’s terrestrial network branches out over 108,000 km, linking 47 international points of presence across Africa. Bayobab fibre forms Africa’s most significant fixed connectivity infrastructure and is expanding to reach 135,000 km of proprietary
fibre by 2025.

The network incorporates Data Centres for Cloud Computing and other ICT services, delivering Metro Fibre to
businesses and feeding tens of thousands of terabytes of data into our central Bayobab Communication services platforms. Bayobab fibre is an unrivalled digital doorway into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bayobab Footprint

Bayobab operates fibre Across Africa. The Bayobab footprint was established to reinforce our local presence. Rooted in partnerships, the Bayobab footprint continues to strategically expand to other
African regions where connectivity is needed the most.

Bayobab owns the infrastructure and operates as a local carrier, providing highspeed connectivity services to anyone who needs them. Users include telecom operators, MNOs, content aggregators,
digital service providers, global enterprises, OTTs, the government sector, and other industry participant.