Bangladesh’s BTRC Opens up on WiFi for Internet


Paving the way for WiFi driven internet connectivity, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission or BTRC has issued guidelines for opening 2.4 and 5.7 GHz band spectrum for providing internet service through Wi-Fi technology across the country.

This is being done in line with the country’s “Digital Bangladesh 2021” vision. This is set to herald an era of internet powered by Wifi and what’s most important is the fact that this will drive down the cost of connectivity for the common masses of the country and accelerate digitalisation activities across the country.

According to the issued guidelines, this move will allow an users or an institution like mobile phone operators, private, or enterprise entity to establish Wi-Fi band in a short range at low power consumption to enable high speed digital wireless service. The Wi-Fi service providers using the band would not be required to pay licence or spectrum fees.

And at the operator level this can also help the operators in terms of offloading their traffic on to WiFi and save themselves from backhaul bottleneck scenarios. This initiative will also help towards the government of Bangladesh’s vision of Digital Bangladesh 2021 and provide the encouraging regulatory framework environment needed for end users, and the enterprise community as well as the operators in Bangladesh.

With its wide usage for the common public as well as businesses, internet powered Wi-Fi technology will reduce the cost of connectivity in a big way, while delivering a much more reliable connection for the users. Once Internet based of Wifi is rolled out, end users in Bangladesh will enjoy next generation wireless experience through Wi-Fi in a cost effective manner that is also beneficial for the operators because of optimal usage of their network infrastructure.

The BTRC guidelines for providing service through 2.4 and 5.7 GHz band in Bangladesh can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Download

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