Bandwidth, Alianza Partner to Drive Cloud Migration for CSPs


Bandwidth Inc., a global enterprise cloud communications company, and Alianza Inc., the only cloud-native communications platform built for service providers, has announced a partnership to accelerate cloud migration for communications service providers (CSPs).

Together, Bandwidth’s network platform and APIs, along with Alianza’s full-stack CSP platform, will enable CSPs to transform their legacy infrastructure and remain competitive by offering high-growth, cloud-based voice, messaging and videoconferencing services. The partnership already serves more than 50 CSP customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Together, Bandwidth and Alianza will enable Communications Service Providers to transform their legacy infrastructure and remain competitive by offering high-growth, cloud-based voice, messaging and videoconferencing services.

CSPs represent a large estimated market of more than 2000 telecom carriers, cable companies and fiber and wireless broadband operators that own their own networks and have strong, long-standing relationships with local businesses and residential customers. However, they face increasing threats from over-the-top providers eroding their customer base by selling direct.

To remain competitive and differentiate their retail offerings, CSPs must migrate their legacy softswitches and other end-of-life infrastructure to the cloud. However, it’s a complex challenge that is best solved with the help of expert partners like Alianza and Bandwidth.

According to a Gartner® report, “Most CSPs have identified partnerships as an essential strategy element to support their growth goals, particularly as they face commoditization of traditional services and seek to diversify revenue streams and build customer-centric value.”

Together, Alianza and Bandwidth offer a partnership solution for CSPs that is practical, cost-effective and eliminates the complexity and expense of maintaining existing legacy systems. With a 12-year history of specializing in the CSP category, Alianza has built the industry’s only cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform specifically for CSPs. In the partnership, Alianza has integrated with Bandwidth’s universal platform and APIs to help CSPs rapidly deploy high-growth cloud communications services such as feature-rich voice, messaging, videoconferencing and emergency services to local homes and businesses–while also simplifying operations and increasing agility. Bandwidth and Alianza will go to market in a “sell with” model in which they pursue potential customers both jointly and independently.

“The CSP space is an important new growth category in our strategy to power the communications move to the cloud,” said Sandy Preizler, Bandwidth’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Alianza has been visionary in giving CSPs a new way to remain competitive through speed-to-market with new cloud-based services. We’re excited to strengthen our long-time relationship through this partnership to enable CSPs to deliver mission-critical cloud communications with very attractive economics.”

“Service providers’ legacy communications networks are some of the last bastions of old-school software that haven’t moved to the cloud. That’s changing in real time,” said Brian Beutler, Alianza’s Chief Executive Officer. “Together, Alianza and Bandwidth are leading the charge and ushering in a new era of cloud communications in which CSPs can innovate, compete and win.”