Bakutel 2018: Puts Spotlight on Innovation and Unique Opportunities in Azerbaijan


Bakutel 2018 – Global Spotlight |

The three day exposition showcases Next Gen Innovations in Telecoms and Communications

The 25th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference or popularly known as Bakutel happened during 3 – 6 December 2019 at Baku Expo Center.

The event saw participation from over 230 companies that showed off their next generation ready innovations, including product and solution offerings around artificial intelligence, digitalization, big data, banking technologies, mobile technologies, fiber optics and cloud computing, and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.

Internationally well entrenched companies in IT and telecoms space such as Microsoft, Samsung, Schneider Electric, Huawei, Lenovo and Nokia – showcased their latest technology at the event.

United States were represented by six companies at the exhibition alongside France, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

Here is what some of the exhibitors think about this year’s Bakutel.

Gunel Gozalova, Head of PR Department at Azerpocht, said that this year Azerpocht’s exposition offers a number of innovations. Among them is a fully automated post office with services such as electronic weighing, a self-service terminal “Postamat”, etc.

“At our stand we also showcase popular SmartPay terminals for utility and other payments. Another innovation is the automated installation SafeDeposit, round-the-clock, designed for deposits, replenishing bank accounts and other financial operations. The Exchange machine for currency exchange without operator participation is very interesting. All these new items will soon appear on the streets of the capital.

Our goal is to present new products and innovations to a wide audience. As is always, the exhibition has been organized as a full-fledged event. The holding of this forum is very important, since the preparation for it imposes on the participants a certain responsibility, makes them implement new original ideas and products, thereby stimulating healthy competition.” She added.

Yashar Hajiyev, Director of the consulting company IPAC said that, “I want to emphasize that taking into account the peculiarities of the Azerbaijani market promising companies have been invited to the exhibition. The exhibition featured new companies, trends, new products and the number of people interested in this field. It was pleasing to see Honeywell with the new facets of its brand. Since I am an educator at the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, I have brought my students to this exhibition; I should say that the exhibition is equally important for business people and the new generation.”

The exhibition also showcased various regional innovations around niche segments such as – Coastal Surveillance, Border Security, Airport Ground Security, Security of Offshore Oil Platforms and Oil/Gas Pipelines, Anti-Intrusion Perimeter Security, Fire Prevention Systems.

Italy-Azerbaijan Cooperation

The Italy-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (ITAZERCOM), with offices in Rome and Baku, is the only officially recognized organization in the bilateral economic relations, providing support and assistance to entrepreneurs and investors in both Countries, in coordination with the Italian and Azerbaijani Institutions.

Ilgar Ibrahimov, Department Director at Bank of Baku said that visiting the Bakutel exhibition has become an annual tradition for me.

“My goal is to get acquainted with ICT innovations, and learn about new offers and services; it is certainly important in the banking field. In such an intense time of telecommunications development, any information becomes useful. In this regard, I consider visiting the exhibition is imperative, as it helps get acquainted with the novelties of foreign companies. I believe that representatives of participating companies should not provide general information, but exhibit more of the final products as part of a practical presentation. This is what makes interested people imbued with the idea of ​​acquiring new products and services.” he added.