Bakutel 2018: Caspian Innovation Conference Puts Spotlight on AI, IoT Start-Ups


Organised as part of the BakuTel-2018 exhibition, the first Caspian Innovation Conference in Baku, put a lot of emphasis on the ongoing developments and opportunities in the artificial intelligence and internet of things space.

The aim of the conference on “Digital Linkage for Sustainable Development” is to reduce the digital divide, as well as revise digital connectivity for foreign investments and provide business efficiency.

The event brings together government officials, industry leaders, representatives of international organizations, including managers of the region`s largest mobile telecommunications and satellite operators.

The conference, which play the role of a regional platform mainly focuses on a such topics as “Broadband Connection”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “The Internet of Things”, “Electronic Services”, “ICT Based Start-ups and Innovative Entrepreneurship”, “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and others.

Over the past many years, Bakutel, organised every year in Baku, Azerbaijan – has become a great and most preferred destination for regional IT, communications and telecoms players to showcase their latest product and solution offerings and gain on international exposure.

Additionally, global vendors find the event an interesting place to get local understanding and create unique ICT and communications solutions designed for the region usage.

Speaking about the importance of the event, Igor Vologin, Eurodesign, explains that as an ICT specialist, I have been visiting the exhibition for last ten years. “It is always interesting to meet new companies, learn about their positions and offers and exchange contacts. This year there are a lot of participants from the medium businesses. That’s right, it deserves interest!

The exhibition is the great opportunity for networking. I hope new contacts will be useful to me, and will yield good results. Exhibitions are needed for local companies to show themselves, while for foreign companies it is a good chance to stand out and in general, the event served for the global development of the industry. Of course, we need to continue to work in this direction.

I also want to highlight the presence of national stands. A great idea is to unite several foreign companies in a single territory, which helps analyze western technologies and innovations. But in terms of the variety of market offers, it would be interesting to see the Chinese national booth.” he adds on.

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