Azercell taps Oscilloquartz timing tech for nationwide rollout of LTE


Complete sync solution enables future LTE-A services while maximizing value of installed infrastructure

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA company, has announced that Azercell has extended its packet synchronization network by deploying OSA 5548C synchronization supply units (SSUs) with high-capacity PTP modules for grandmaster clock functionality.

Azercell, Azerbaijan’s leading mobile service provider, is also integrating the modules into its existing infrastructure to enable a smooth migration to next-generation synchronization. What’s more, Azercell is leveraging OSA 5401 and 5410 PTP grandmaster clocks in a trial to evaluate the technology’s support of a future mass-scale small cell deployment.

Managed by the Oscilloquartz FSP Sync Manager, the comprehensive end-to-end timing solution delivers highly accurate phase and frequency information with the excellent holdover performance necessary for future widespread rollout of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) capabilities. Oscilloquartz’s technology and close relationship with Azercell are helping the company protect the value of its previous investments while smoothly transitioning to next-generation synchronization services.

“This deployment enables us to confidently and reliably meet the evolving expectations of our customers. We’re delighted to be leveraging Oscilloquartz’s technology and the expertise of its engineers to offer reliable and advanced voice, video and streaming mobile broadband applications,” said Emin Teymurov, senior architect, radio and transport networks, Azercell. “This innovative timing solution guarantees maximum value from our deployed infrastructure – something that set Oscilloquartz apart from the crowd. With the ability to deliver precise synchronization at the network edge, we can efficiently roll out dense small cell networks and prepare to offer LTE-A connectivity. Oscilloquartz’s technology also features compact design and extended holdover protection against problems with GPS – a crucial component for always available mobile services.”

Designed to enable dense, small cell edge networks, the OSA 5410 offers unique flexibility by supporting delivery and assurance of synchronization, utilizing Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol capabilities. By deploying this technology throughout Azerbaijan, Azercell has secured a scalable and highly accurate, end-to-end timing solution with improved availability.

Supporting LTE-A rollouts through grandmaster clock functionality at the edge of the backhaul network, the technology ensures a cost-effective solution for edge synchronization, delivering assured accuracy where it’s needed most. What’s more, all elements of Azercell’s new timing solution are overseen by the FSP Sync Manager. With its highly intuitive GUI, this advanced management platform guarantees flexibility, total control and cost-effective operations.

“Our synchronization and timing products offer ultimate precision together with phenomenal density of design. Our range of SSUs and sync distribution devices enable leading mobile operators like Azercell to meet the increasingly stringent timing requirements of current and future applications,” commented Arthur Voslaev, business development manager, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Oscilloquartz. “Now Azercell can effortlessly and remotely control far-off regional sites – a real game-changer for efficiency and savings. The new solution also features powerful Syncjack™ capabilities, measuring and monitoring functionality for unprecedented reliability and control. By continual investment in Oscilloquartz technology and with our ongoing support, Azercell can confidently ensure a seamless migration from legacy to next-generation timing.”