Aviat Upgrades its Mission Critical Radio Platform for North America

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Aviat Networks, Inc., a provider of wireless transport solutions, has announced new enhancements to its Eclipse and IRU 600 platforms for mission critical applications.

Both the IRU600 and Eclipse are market leading solutions for public safety, utility and Federal Government customers with features like extra high power (EHP), hybrid transport of TDM and IP traffic, strong security and integrated loop switching.

The Eclipse and IRU 600 platforms are now being enhanced with the following features and capabilities and Aviat is currently designing networks with these enhancements:

•Support for SONET and Ethernet. Transmitting SONET and Ethernet traffic simultaneously over the Eclipse RAC 70 will allow customers to seamlessly migrate to IP networks with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by allowing Ethernet traffic and SONET traffic to share the airlink capacity. Legacy OC3 services can be assured alongside Ethernet traffic, both benefiting from the additional capacity provided by 4096QAM modulation with ACM utilizing the new 60MHz and 80MHz channel allocations.

With over 700Mbps of airlink throughput in a single 80MHz channel, this new solution allows for multiple OC3 streams to be combined with Ethernet data over a single microwave channel thus maximizing capacity for both TDM and IP. This feature further increases deployment flexibility – making it the industry’s leading solution for seamless migration of SONET services to IP.

•FIPS 140-2 Level 2 on RAC70. To meet customers’ most stringent security standards, the Eclipse RAC70 will support FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) is the industry’s most stringent security standard for telecom equipment. A requirement for most U.S. Federal Government deployments, FIPS is also becoming mandatory for many other mission critical networks that need to deliver the most advanced security capabilities.

•Improved System Gain. Aviat has further extended its industry leading system gain performance on the IRU 600 radio platform by approximately 1.5dB across all modulations in the 6GHz and 11GHz bands. The IRU 600 EHP was already the industry leader in system gain and output power performance and this upgrade further extends the Company’s market advantage. More system gain enables customers to achieve greater reliability, longer links, and smaller antennas and is essential for mission critical networks.

“With these features, we continue to strengthen our value proposition in terms of reliability, security and TCO for critical applications throughout North America. The investments we have and continue to make in both our product and service offerings are designed to better support our customers and to extend our leadership in providing transport solutions for mission critical networks,” states Michael Pangia, president and CEO, Aviat Networks.