AttoCore Secures Strategic Investment to Expand Operations


AttoCore, the developer of scalable and flexible 4G and 5G core network solutions is pleased to announce a strategic investment from Lansdowne Investment Company Cyprus Ltd (“LICC”).

The injection of capital from LICC will allow AttoCore to increase its head count and accelerate the development of its Atto5GC 5G Standalone Core and AttoEPC 4G Evolved Packet Core, whilst further enhancing its ability to address key markets, including non-public (private) networks in Europe and the USA.

LICC is an investment vehicle managed by Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH (“LPA”), which is an Austrian Alternative Investment Fund Manager with a strong focus on investing in and fostering European innovation. LPA is part of the Lansdowne Partners group of companies.

Commenting on the investment, David Neil, AttoCore CEO said: “The growing interest in non-public networks creates a significant opportunity for AttoCore’s scalable and flexible 4G and 5G core network solutions. We are very grateful to LICC for their support, enabling us to rapidly bring to market and further enhance Atto5GC. Atto5GC provides systems integrators with a 5G Standalone Core, suitable for enterprise use and differentiated from the large vendors by flexibility, scalability, performance and price.”

The support of LICC comes at a very exciting time for AttoCore. The global interest in 5G and the release by national regulators of spectrum suitable for the deployment of non-public networks, such as those enabled by the CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) programme in the USA, have created an excellent market opportunity for scalable, flexible, mobile core solutions. AttoCore has already supplied its product into non-public networks, a number of which will be the subject of further announcements in the coming weeks.

In addition to the support of LICC, AttoCore will also benefit from a close partnership with ng-voice GmbH, the supplier of fully containerized (Kubernetes), cloud native 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) compliant, IP-Multimedia Subsystem (“IMS core”), with a minimized resource footprint. Based in Hamburg and Berlin, ng-voice is an ideal partner for AttoCore, sharing the same commitment to performance and quality. AttoCore is pleased to announce that Dr. David Bachmann, CEO of ng-voice, will join the AttoCore Board of Directors.