AT&T, ServiceNow Debut Solution to Manage Telecoms Inventory

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ServiceNow technology, AT&T industry expertise, create Telecom Network Inventory product to manage 5G and fiber networks for telcos around the world

AT&T Inc. and ServiceNow have announced a global telecom product to help communications service providers (CSPs) manage 5G and fiber network inventory.

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AT&T provided strategic design and technical guidance for the development of ServiceNow Telecom Network Inventory, which is built on the ServiceNow Platform and available for telcos globally today.

The current approach to managing network inventory is complex and challenging. CSPs need a consolidated view of their networks and a consistent workflow to connect and action on data.

AT&T, ServiceNow Solution for Telecoms

Telecom Network Inventory helps to address these needs by providing a single platform that connects systems to maximize network investments, manage orders, improve customer service experiences, and enable business agility. AT&T plans to deploy the platform soon.

“Working with ServiceNow to develop Telecom Network Inventory was a great collaboration to create a tool that could help us address an industry wide challenge,” said Jon Summers, senior vice president of information technology and chief information officer, AT&T. “As we approach our internal deployment, we also look forward to seeing how other operators around the globe might take advantage of it.”

AT&T will provide ongoing strategic guidance as ServiceNow enhances Telecom Network Inventory, helping ensure the product provides modern, industry leading solutions for the complex network needs of the telecom industry.

“ServiceNow is committed to delivering products that are purpose built for the telecom industry,” said Rohit Batra, vice president and head of telecommunications, media, and technology products at ServiceNow. “Together, ServiceNow and AT&T will work to redefine network inventory, and we will continue to innovate to address the challenges communications service providers face now and in the future. This is only the beginning.”

For AT&T, consolidating hardware and software equipment and services onto a single platform is critical as its networks grow. AT&T plans to use Telecom Network Inventory with a goal of gaining better insight into its network operations and issue resolution.

“ServiceNow brings its process centric approach to network inventory that has often been missing or fragmented before,” said Francis Haysom, principal analyst, Appledore Research. “With Telecommunications Network Inventory, operators have an opportunity to better support end to end network automation and increasingly dynamic and valuable network services.”