AT&T Renews Assurance Contract with RADCOM

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RADCOM Ltd., has renewed its multi-year contract with AT&T Services, Inc. With this renewal, RADCOM will continue its relationship with AT&T, providing automated service assurance for its cloud network to ensure the network performance and service quality.

AT&T helps more than 100 million U.S. families, friends and neighbors connect in meaningful ways every day. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to our 5G wireless and multi-gig internet offerings today, AT&T innovates to improve lives.

RADCOM is an expert in 5G ready cloud-native network intelligence solutions for telecom operators transitioning to 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence consists of RADCOM Network Visibility, RADCOM Service Assurance, and RADCOM Network Insights.

The RADCOM Network Intelligence suite offers intelligent, container-based, on-demand solutions to deliver network analysis from the RAN to the core for 5G assurance. Utilizing automated and dynamic solutions with smart minimal data collection and on-demand troubleshooting and cutting-edge techniques based on machine learning, these solutions work in harmony to provide operators an understanding of the entire customer experience and allow them to troubleshoot network performance from a high to granular level while reducing storage costs and cloud resource utilization.

RADCOM offers 5G portfolio for large-scale networks, providing operators with a smart, efficient, and on-demand approach to network monitoring that meets the challenges of assuring the customer experience in the 5G era. The company’s RADCOM ACE, is explicitly designed for telecom operators, delivering Automated, Containerized, and End-to-end network visibility.