AT&T Launches AT&T Station Featuring 100 Thieves

AT&T Logo

AT&T, continuing its ongoing collaboration with premium, gaming organization and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves, is launching its own virtual reality world – AT&T Station – within the popular, and free-to-play game, VRChat.

AT&T Station is a groundbreaking experience spanning gaming, apparel and culture. It connects fans to the best of AT&T technology, HBO Max content and their favorite 100 Thieves creators. Using either a PC or a PC-tethered VR headset, users can connect with one another, play interactive games inspired by 100 Thieves personalities, watch HBO Max trailers on a cinema-sized screen and more.

Fans who visit AT&T Station during the first week will receive two exclusive AT&T x 100 Thieves virtual avatars to use anywhere in VRChat. These limited-edition avatars are outfitted in real-world 100 Thieves apparel, the Foundations line, which has never before been available as a digital product.

Starting today, five 100 Thieves content creators and AT&T Brand Ambassadors – Yassuo, BrookeAB, NoahJ456, Valkyrae and Hiko – will be streaming a first look at AT&T Station on their respective channels.

With a surge in gaming during the pandemic, interest in technologies like VR has risen as well. According to a Grand View Research gaming industry analysis, the global virtual reality gaming market size is anticipated to reach $69.6 billion USD by 2028.

AT&T and 100 Thieves launched their relationship earlier this year. As the Official 5G and Fiber Innovation Sponsor of 100 Thieves, AT&T is working to deliver original gaming content and live events highlighting 5G and AT&T Fiber. In addition, AT&T created the AT&T VALORANT Training Room at the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound, which is equipped with the latest AT&T products and services to provide the ideal practice ground for this elite team. AT&T is featured on 100 Thieves team jerseys.