ASUS ZenFone 3S Max – First Impressions


ASUS ZenFone 3S Max (ZC521TL) – First Impressions |

This smartphone will be launched on 7th of February and will be available both on online as well as offline channels in India

ASUS’ Zenfone 3 Max is the next level of evolution to its quite successful Zenfone series in India and like all its Zenfone devices – this smartphone holds special promise for its customers and this promise comes in the form of its powerful battery.

This smartphone comes with a slim aluminum metal body design, a fast fingerprint sensor , a high performance camera, and most importantly a formidable 5000mAh battery – we have found this incredibly useful while using the phone for more than two and a half days on a single charge.

ZenFone 3S Max Specifications

Display glass with 2.5D contoured edge
Fingerprint sensor
Sophisticated Colors MAX BATTERY
5000mAh battery
Reverse Charging Capability MAX PERFORMANCE
ASUS PixelMaster
Super Resolution Mode
Low-Light Mode
Panoramic Mode
Backlight HDR Mode

Zenfone 3S Max 5.2 comes with 2.5D contured Glass in a new full-metal, aluminum alloy-body, that houses its high-definition 5.2 inch HD IPS display.

The device has 75% screen to body ratio – meaning that the bezel takes up only a quarter of its front facing surface area, giving users as large a screen for as compact a phone size as possible.

The Zenfone 3S Max features a 13MP rear camera sensor, that supports Phase Detection Autofocus. The device supports full-HD recording, and is an excellent low-light performer with its f/2.0 aperture value and dual LED Real-tone flash.

At the front, the device sports an 8MP Camera that supports an 85° wide field of view, and supports modes like the Beautification modes, HDR mode, Low-light mode, and can shoot videos in Full-HD resolution.

From the looks of it – the ZenFone 3S Max (ZC521TL) retains the core essence of Zenfone 3 Max series. The device features a fast and responsive rear fingerprint sensor that unlocks the smartphone in 0.5 seconds. It supports recognition of up to 5 fingers and also detects fingerprints in full 360 degrees.

Zenfone 3S Max is powered by an Octa-core 64 bit processor and is coupled with a high capacity 3GB RAM, 32 GB Storage that is further expandable up to 2TB with a Micro SD card.

The ZenFone 3S Max Octa-core 64-bit processor comes paired with a Mali T860 graphics processing unit that is quite good enough to drive excellent system responsiveness and an ability to run graphically demanding games with relative ease.

Max Battery

The ZenFone 3S Max is a completely new device compared to the last generation of Zenfone Max. The main USP of the phone is its humungous, and out of the ordinary 5000mAh Lithium-polymer battery.

The battery life on the Zenfone 3S Max lasts well more than a day of aggressive usage, be it Gaming, Video, and Internet streaming/browsing over WiFi and cellular.

This longer battery life comes due to two factors:

An extremely high capacity 5000mAh battery

Intelligent power modes that enable users to choose the ones that best suits their needs

Power Modes

ZenFone 3S Max offers five selectable power modes that enable users to regulate power use according to their needs.

Performance mode:

This mode sets the device to its highest performance and also turns the screen brightness to its maximum. This mode is ideal outdoor usage, gaming, and online video playback

Normal mode:

This is the default setting on the device. On this mode, the device intelligently adjusts CPU performance and screen brightness to conserve battery power, but also maintains an equal balance of frugal performance when needed.

Power saving mode:

In addition to automatically adjusting CPU performance and screen brightness to conserve battery power, this mode also disables the networks (Mobile data, Wi-Fi) on the fly, when the device is asleep to save even more power. It then reconnects access when the screen is turned on again.

This mode saves a lot of juice for later use, especially when it is not in use. It stops all online notifications until the device is awake again.

Super saving mode:

This mode works much like the Power Saving mode but goes a step further to close all network functions except phone, SMS, and alarms, to provide a longer standby time. This mode can extend the ZenFone 3S Max’s standby time to an amazing 36 hours even with only 10% of the battery charge remaining.

Customized mode:

This mode allows you to customize all the various options, such as CPU performance, brightness, and network functions, all according to your individual power preferences.

Reverse Charging

The ZenFone 3S Max’s high battery capacity also lets it double up as a Power bank for charging other devices through a reverse charging capability. This feature is pretty handy when you’re on the go and one of the devices you carry is out of juice.


The ZenFone 3S Max runs on the very latest version of Google’s Android OS version 7.0 Nougat, and features the latest ZenUI 3.0 interface which has the following highlights, among many other interesting features:

Multi-Window Mode

Google’s latest version of Android, version 7.0 Nougat, brings the latest feature called the Multi-window mode. It lets users to open a separate working window or a split-window, letting you to multi-task on two different apps and switch between apps, separately in each window.

Once you have apps working in the background, you can enable this feature in the pull-down notifications menu, or you can hold the multi-task soft menu key on the screen to begin a multi-window session.

ZenMotion Touch Gestures

This smartphone also offers ZenMotion Touch Gestures, which can enable users to rapidly launch apps from standby simply by writing a letter on the ZenFone 3S Max’s blank screen.

Default apps and their associated letters are:

o “W” for browser

o “S” for calendar

o “e” for email

o “Z” for ASUS boost

o “V” for phone

These can be reprogrammed to whatever app users wish to launch with.