Astellia, Three UK Partner to drive customer experience in all telco cloud network


Astellia, a provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, has signed a major contract with Three UK to successfully transform their network to a virtualized and software-based architecture.

The agreement aims at providing the visibility and the capability to improve network performance and customer experience.

In order to maximize network resource utilization, reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and be better equipped to respond to future industry changes, Three UK developed the network transformation strategy aiming to fully virtualize its traditional networks using NFV/SDN.

Astellia’s vProbes-based virtual monitoring solution is designed to effectively monitor traffic within the virtual infrastructure of Three UK’s network, raise alarms for performance degradation and troubleshoot issues. The solution will interface with the NFV orchestrator which controls the integration of new network services and virtual network functions into Three’s virtual framework.

Based on a big data architecture, Astellia’s solution will provide comprehensive network, subscriber and service analytics to improve customer’s quality of experience. The solution will support Customer Experience Management (CEM) use cases that will be used by multiple teams from across the business. They will address topics such as churn prediction, usage-based segmentation and customer experience for voice services (VoLTE, VoWiFi, etc.), video streaming, web browsing and messaging.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We were the first UK network to introduce all you can eat data and we let our customers roam abroad at no extra cost in 60 destinations,” says Adam O’Keeffe, Head of OSS Transformation at Three UK. “Astellia’s technology will help build upon our already excellent customer experience by deploying the capability to monitor the performance of services and customer experience on our new virtualized technology.”

“Customer experience management becomes even more critical with the emergence of on-demand and virtualized services. We are looking forward to accompanying Three UK achieve the efficiency and agility they seek with their shift towards network virtualization, help them strengthen customers’ perception of their network and maximize the value extracted from network and subscriber intelligence,” highlights Sebastien Schultz, Managing Director Europe at Astellia.

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