Astellia set to demonstrate geolocation monetization at #MWC16


Astellia, a global provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, will be present at Mobile World Congress (MWC), happening between February 22-25, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. As part of its key focus – the company is set to demonstrate Geolocation Monetization for the operator community.

Geolocation monetization

Astellia’s senior executives and telecom data scientists will demonstrate through live demos how to take full advantage of geolocation & smart data to better focus network investments, power marketing campaigns and generate additional revenue streams.

Astellia’s unique data helps CSPs geolocate VIP hotspots (roamers, VoLTE subscribers, etc.), determine the customer experience of these hot spots and measure the potential loss of revenues.

This valuable subscriber mobility information is also needed for marketing activities like geo-fencing, e.g. sending a coupon to subscribers when they enter a predefined area, helping shopping malls understand where their customers are coming from and the time they are spending at their premises.

Delivering Subscriber-centric RAN optimization

Without performing any drive tests, Astellia’s solution highlights coverage holes, geolocates traffic hotspots, troubleshoots problematic terminals and allows performing massive radio network optimization form a subscriber perspective.

VoLTE/VoWifi QoE monitoring from day 1

VoLTE service launch comes with a lot of challenges to be tackled often within a very aggressive time schedule. Astellia therefore accompanies CSPs with the roll-out of their VoLTE network by identifying for instance areas with a high concentration of VoLTE compatible devices and detecting malfunctioning VoLTE handsets.

Astellia also provides VoIP call quality metrics including Mean Opinion Score (MOS), packet delay, jitter, packet loss and latency in order to guarantee an incomparable HD voice quality.

Equally important, Astellia understands CSP’s most pressing concern of maintaining service continuity with legacy networks. Through E2E KPIs, Astellia masters the global performance of SRVCC and pinpoints all types of issues occurring during handover.