Arthur D. Little Japan selects Colt for its voice services and network


By choosing Colt, Arthur D. Little Japan only needs a single service provider to connect its network from its offices in Europe and Asia.

Arthur D. Little was the world’s first management consulting firm and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Its mission is to bring businesses and organisations from the era of productivity to the new era of creativity.

The company offers innovative solutions to help clients deal with major disruptions. Arthur D. Little is also committed to working with its customers, side by side, to make changes happen.

Network Infrastructure

Arthur D. Little is a global company with offices all over the world. The company had to manage multiple network service providers for delivery, operations, and payments, which proved inefficient. Therefore, it decided to employ a single service provider who can offer a one-stop-shop service from Europe to Asia with a hassle-free process. In addition to the network, it also aimed to optimise its voice infrastructure in its Singapore office.

Why Colt

One of the main reasons why Arthur D. Little Japan chose Colt is because of its strong global footprint for network coverage and expertise in voice services. Its offices in Europe are mostly covered and connected through Colt’s network.

After experiencing Colt’s high-quality network and call services in its European offices, Arthur D. Little recommended Colt in Asia. More importantly, the cost met the company’s expectations. By choosing Colt, it was able to minimise the number of network service providers. Colt provides a complete one-stop-shop solution and enables Arthur D Little Japan a hassle-free process.

“After using Colt’s SIP Trunking in Singapore and business internet service in both Singapore and Japan, we found the Colt IQ Network performance stable and the voice quality is great. We are delighted with what Colt provides us,” commented Kono, IT Manager, Arthur D. Little Japan. “We’re now considering implementing Colt Voice services in other offices and we recommend Colt to other enterprises.”

Future plans

Arthur D Little has many more offices in Asia. Due to its business expansion the company is looking to extend SIP Trunking services to its other offices, as well as adding additional IT infrastructure in Japan.