Aricent Focuses on “Customer to Chip” Strategy to Drive IoT Advantage


Global product engineering services and software company, Aricent is set to put greater emphasis on its unique “Customer to Chip” strategy in order to deliver greater advantage on Internet of Things driven solutions for its global customers.


Speaking on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress 2016, in Barcelona, Frank Kern, CEO, Aricent, said that the company strongly believes in “Customer to Chip” strategy and Internet of Things will play a key role towards increasing productivity for a large set of enterprise customers.

“Over the last three years, we have seen that the engineering and software capabilities that we have are uniquely positioned for how internet of things (IoT) is going to work. So we acquired SmartPlay which is a chip design services company and we also work with Frog Design company – which is part of Aricent and come up with what today we call – “Customer to Chip” strategy where we build a set of capabilities through acquisition and through our own internal initiative, so that we deliver the right customer experience, strategy and design work through Frog that’s very focused on IoT, Wearables, Devices, Automobiles and we do application data work. We are very strong in middleware, enabling software because we have 125 different frameworks in software. So customer to chip is our capability statement that cuts across multiple industries – heading towards the internet of things.” He explained.

5G Enabling the Industrial Internet

As a number of operators are set to embrace 5G, it is increasingly going to be about enabling the right IoT driven solutions that can power the 5G revolution in communications.

“Internet of Things – is going to be a $ 1.7 Trillion industry by 2020. It’s a new paradigm shift, a new way for businesses to operate with huge benefits to productivity and society. And so 5G is going to enable, because you have speeds, security, low powered devices will be more and more important. So the requirements of this emerging IoT world are going to be satisfied by 5G. There will be sensors on every physical device, some low powered, not all, and then everything is going to be connected seamlessly. The technology vision that we have unfolded – is to virtualize everything, is to embrace unconditional connectivity, to innovate beyond the speed of things and to drive smart outcomes via smart services. That’s our technology vision and direction,” he added.

By Zia Askari | in Barcelona, Spain

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