Appalachian Wireless picks Ericsson to bring 5G to eastern Kentucky


Appalachian Wireless, an East Kentucky Network company, recently selected Ericsson to modernize its network with 5G capabilities.

Under this agreement, Ericsson will modernize Appalachian Wireless’ network to a new container-based dual-mode 5G Core network for Standalone as well as deliver radio access network (RAN) solutions.

Appalachian Wireless has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in Appalachia for more than 30 years. Together, Ericsson and Appalachian Wireless will replace existing equipment and build a new cloud-native dual-mode core network for 4G and 5G. This new network will allow Appalachian Wireless to provide advanced 5G services to customers in Appalachia.

“Over the years, Appalachian Wireless and Ericsson have shared a long and successful partnership,” said Mike Johnson, Assistant CEO of Appalachian Wireless. “We trust Ericsson to provide equipment and services that will allow us to better serve our customers and bring 5G to our communities.”

“As the world becomes increasingly digital, residents without access to broadband are at risk of being socially and economically at a disadvantage,” said Eric Boudriau, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Regional Carriers, Ericsson North America. “By future-proofing its network with Ericsson’s solutions, Appalachian Wireless will be able to break down the digital divide and bring 5G to rural residents throughout the region.”

Across the United States, rural residents are less likely than suburban and urban residents to have access to broadband. A broad range of users, from students to small business owners, can benefit from having access to reliable, high-speed internet, and 5G has the potential to break down barriers and bring educational and economic benefits to all.

Appalachian Wireless is Eastern Kentucky’s leading provider of high quality telecommunications products and services since 1991.

Headquartered in Ivel KY, Appalachian Wireless operates an advanced 4G cellular telephone and data network. The company is dedicated to providing today’s most innovative communications products and services at affordable prices to local communities across Eastern Kentucky.

It also carries the world’s most popular devices from its leading manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple.

A commitment to excellence is the standard by which the company operates. Appalachian Wireless very much believes in supporting local communities, Chambers of Commerce, and many other civic organizations throughout its service area.

Its parent company, East Kentucky Network, also operates a redundant high-speed fiber optic telecommunications network and continues to be the leader in broadband communications in the mountains of Eastern KY.