App-based roadside assistance: Deutsche Telekom, ADAC debut CarConnect

Deutsche Telekom

Quick assistance for breakdowns: Deutsche Telekom has enhanced its CarConnect solution in partnership with ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club.

Starting December 3, drivers can contact ADAC roadside assistance with just a few clicks in the CarConnect app of this Deutsche Telekom service. The ADAC web app automatically sends the location of the vehicle breakdown and notifies the driver when the ADAC car is en route. Deutsche Telekom and ADAC have entered a strategic partnership for this service and will also explore other opportunities for digitalization in road transport. Further projects are already being planned.

Partnership between Deutsche Telekom and ADAC enhances road safety

Torsten Brodt, Head of Commercial Management at Telekom Deutschland: “The partnership between Deutsche Telekom and ADAC creates real value for our customers. They can call ADAC roadside assistance quickly and easily from the CarConnect app – now in Germany and in the future anywhere in Europe. This increases the safety of all road users”. This first step will be followed in 2019 by further digital car-related services.

CarConnect: Hot spot, theft alert, and much more

CarConnect also has another new feature. Probable in January 2019, Magenta SmartHome users can connect their cars with their homes. This is where the integrated CarConnect geofencing feature comes into play: if configured accordingly, CarConnect will automatically control lights, shutters, and music at home while the driver is on the go.

In addition, CarConnect offers another innovation. It is expected that users of Magenta SmartHome will be able to network their car with their own home from January 2019. The integrated CarConnect Geofence function helps with this. CarConnect automatically controls the lights, blinds or music at home when you’re on the move.

The familiar CarConnect functions are, of course, still available: The adapter will continue to function as a hot spot on wheels, enabling users to surf in the best wLTE network everywhere on up to five devices. CarConnect also sends alerts in case of parking collisions and car theft and displays the current travel route and battery status.

There will be no changes to existing rate plans. CarConnect, which comes with up to 10 gigabytes (GB) of data, EU wroaming included, starts at 9.95 euros/month. The required CarConnect adapter is available to purchase for just 1 euro through January 2, 2019. Afterwards the purchase price will be 39.95 euros.