Android Apps to Play This Spring


It is predicted that the year 2017 will be a real breakthrough in the mobile gaming industry, with companies developing and releasing hundreds of android apps to play.

The variety of apps is so huge that there will definitely be no shortage of playing opportunities. Furthermore, free slots no registration no download play free which are so popular with millions of people worldwide are also available this spring.

That’s why if you enjoy spending time playing favourite online casino games then newly developed android apps are already waiting for you. They can be downloaded not only on a smartphone with an Android operating system but also tablets.

Having favourite games on personal gadgets automatically enables keen players to play anywhere and anytime, be it late at night, early morning, on a vacation, in transport (except when you are driving), etc.



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There are hundreds of apps to play on Android devices. For instance, slots, table games, monopoly, sports and many other. Here are just a few of the best Android apps to play this spring.

Jackpot Madness

Jackpot Madness is one of the most amazing and exciting mobile casino apps for Android devices. By downloading this particular app, you receive a possibility to play hundreds of games. Absolutely every game and slot machine is super exciting, including the latest technologies, high-quality graphics and sound.

If you don’t like playing alone and would like friends to join in, then the app can be easily connected to your Facebook account, adding more social fun and interaction. In simple words, being a keen slots gambler, this app is definitely worth giving a chance.

Fire Emblem Heroes

The very first Nintendo’s game this spring is Fire Emblem Heroes. It is suitable for people who love exploring the story line, playing special events and trying to collect as many powerful characters as it is only possible. It can also boast of great graphics, smooth playing process, some small touches, no delays, etc. The characters of the game are memorable, colourful, exciting and almost “alive”.

Good Dogs

People who love animals and have some pets at home will definitely want to play Good Dogs. It is a great time killer, playing which you should pick up a dog you like the most and run with him/her through the park as long and far as possible. There are up to 10 breeds of dogs to choose from. The game is connected to the WeRateDogs account on Twitter that is recommended to check.

Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel will 100% be loved by Pokémon fans. It is a board strategy game in contrast to other mobile entertainments. The main idea of the game is the following: to be the first who gets the Pokémon into the opponent’s goal. Maximum number of Pokémons is 6 and all of them should be used until you win or lose. Players characterise Pokémon Duel as fun, thrilling and breath-taking pastime.