Anam Technologies, Telenor Partner to drive A2P SMS Service Quality, Monetization Ahead

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Anam Technologies has been selected by Telenor to deliver a groupwide A2P SMS initiative to improve service quality and revenues by fully securing the SMS infrastructure.

This will be achieved through a combination of Anam’s patented SMS Firewall technology and comprehensive security analysis services. It is the first such global approach to ensuring A2P revenue and service quality by a global operator and will allow Telenor to offer a single point of A2P access for Telenor’s 200M subscribers eliminating the ‘grey-market’ and reducing Spam SMS.

The global A2P SMS market is forecast to grow beyond $70bn by 2020 and it is estimated that 66% of A2P traffic reaches subscribers via Grey Routes and goes unbilled by MNO’s.

The advancement of wholesale A2P SMS as a professional and reliable service is central to the Anam/Telenor partnership because the channel has been suffering from low quality and grey routing into MNO’s across the world for a long time. This will be achieved via a combination of locally deployed and a central SMS-Firewall to eliminate grey-route SMS traffic and to offer aggregators and customers high quality A2P termination to all Telenor’s networks.

“Anam FW Solution is helping Telenor improve customer satisfaction, secure its revenues on already existing traffic and monetize the messaging traffic. A2P Traffic is constantly growing, but it is also a big problem that there are many grey routes which the traffic can be delivered if the network is unprotected. By securing the network, Telenor and its subscribers, aggregators and OTT players will benefit from delivery of high quality traffic in a grey free zone. This is a proof that SMS is not dead, and service providers are willing to pay for a reliable service. Our partnership has proven to be a big success and we are looking forward to implement Anam’s solution in all 13 Telenor Business Units”. Tor Ølve Andreassen, Head of Messaging Solutions, Telenor’s Wholesale unit.

Commenting on the announcement, Anam’s Chief Commercial Officer Brian D’Arcy said: “Telenor is a long standing and highly valued customer of Anam. They are innovative and market leading in so many respects and in this case driven by a strategic vision to create a high quality and monetized A2P environment for all of their mobile operator markets. We are proud to be chosen as their partner on this journey”.

Anam is growing independent SMS Firewall and A2P Monetisation service provider in the world, filtering billions of messages for Mobile Operators in over 60 countries.

Anam’s team of Industry leading A2P consultants leverage firewall technology to enable Mobile Operators to generate new revenues from A2P SMS traffic on their networks whilst also eliminating SMS SPAM.

The company’s offering has generated incremental revenues in excess of $2million per annum for every 1 million subscribers. Anam owns the worldwide patent for Home Routing (EP 1683375 B1), a technique invented by John Murtagh, Anam CTO in 2006 and fundamental to SMS Firewalls.