Amdocs Unveils Order Gateway Service for Service Providers


Amdocs, a provider of customer experience solutions, has unveiled its Order Gateway service.

Delivered in a managed services model, the new service is the first in the industry to streamline and unify the view of all orders across any channel ‒ whether service provider systems such as self-service or systems of third-parties like online retailers, by abstracting the order from the format it arrives in.

As a result of this announcement service providers can speed time to market of services from new or acquired lines of business and deliver a unified customer ordering experience across offerings, while reducing operational costs.

Delivered under defined service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), the Amdocs Order Gateway service supports service provider business operations with end-to-end visibility of all incoming orders and drives immediate improvements in order handling performance and accuracy, with no change to existing systems or the need for process changes or complex software integration. In addition, the service incorporates predefined business insight (BI) capabilities, which aggregate and analyze order data and proactively identify and correct issues, ensuring no impact on the end customer.

The Amdocs Order Gateway service addresses the first step in the overall order handling process – order entry streamlining into the service provider’s systems. The next step is addressed by the Amdocs Order-to-Activation service, which operates across Amdocs or third party fulfilment systems. Both services are part of the Amdocs Value Process Operations (VPO) portfolio of innovative services, targeted to accelerate business value by driving ongoing optimization of specific business processes.

“Both the Amdocs Order Gateway service and the Amdocs Order-to-Activation service replace the manual work of up to thousands of agents and tens of ordering centers with patent-registered technology and structured methodologies,” said Eric Updyke, group president, Systems Integration and Operations, Amdocs. “As a result, we can provide our customers with end-to-end responsibility for the critical and typically fragmented ordering process, while delivering clear business KPIs.”

Order entry, delivery and fulfillment is one of the most complex business processes service providers need to manage, and Amdocs continually invests in new software and services solutions in this area to give service providers a competitive advantage.

In addition to the Order Gateway managed service which enables service providers to abstract orders from any channel and feed them for processing, Amdocs launched last week the Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator solution, which handles the processing and fulfillment of complex, enterprise orders, allowing service providers to better support their business customers and including orchestration of hybrid orders of both network-based and virtual services.

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