Amarillo Wireless Selects RADWIN JET to deliver broadband to enterprise


Amarillo Wireless – a Wireless Internet Service Provider based in Amarillo, Texas has deployed RADWIN’s JET wireless broadband solutions to offer high-speed broadband packages of up to 150 Mbps to its valued business customers.

WLANmall, RADWIN’s certified partner and a leading supplier of IP video, wired and wireless connectivity solutions, was in charge of project distribution.

Matt Carpenter, President, Amarillo Wireless: “We decided to upgrade our legacy wireless equipment because they could not handle the capacity demands of business customers in a noisy environment. Initially we tested several wireless systems; some had major performance issues with noise and others had just 1-2 Mbps upload with no support for VoIP. RADWIN’s JET radios shined over the competition. JET is a stable, fast, reliable system providing rock solid performance as promised, allowing us to service business customers even in interference-ridden environments. JET allows us to compete with fiber and cable by offering service packages of 50, 100 and all the way up to 150 Mbps to businesses, and reach locations where fiber is not financially viable.”

Tee Wright, Wireless Sales Engineer, WLANmall: “We recommended RADWIN for this project based on our extensive experience with the brand. JET carrier-grade radios perform at top speeds in the most challenging environments, including interference and near-line-of-sight scenarios, thanks to their advanced air-interface and bi-directional beamforming technology. As Amarillo Wireless continues to expand its network throughout towns in the Texas Panhandle, RADWIN and WLANMall will continue to support their needs.”

Dennis Stipati, RADWIN General Manager, North America: “We’re proud that Amarillo Wireless chose JET Point-to-Multipoint to serve its valued business customers. JET provides the high capacity and quality ideal for fast Internet, video streaming and other bandwidth-intense applications that are the lifeblood of businesses. It allows operators to serve remote and rural areas underserved by traditional carriers. In JET, service providers have a solution they can rely on for the long-haul that serves customers’ needs now and in the future.”