Altice Selects Ericsson to Test 5G emergency response in Portugal

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The ability of 5G to optimize and coordinate emergency service responses in the critical minutes following accidents has been highlighted in a demo led by Ericsson and Portuguese operator Altice. The demo was conducted in partnership with local first responders.

Professionals from multiple Portuguese response agencies – police, ambulance service, fire brigade, and the civil protection authority – were equipped with body kit comprising cameras and sensors that were connected via a 5G test network to a command center as they responded to a staged traffic accident, where the driver was trapped inside. Connected drones captured overhead views.

The almost latency-free high-quality video stream and sensor feedback provided instant feedback from the scene, including the real-time relative positions of all emergency personnel, allowing command center coordinators to act instantly to optimize operations.

Real time monitoring of on-site environmental conditions – such as air quality, gasses and fumes – also improved the operational efficiency of on-site responses and actions. The first responders’ own vital signs were also constantly monitored with all data coordinated in the command center.

The emergency response trial was conducted at the Altice Labs campus in Alveiro, Portugal. Ericsson configured a non-standalone end-to-end 5G network, with 5G Evolved Packet Core, for the demo. Ericsson and Altice are continuing to work together to build an experimental 5G network in Aveiro.

Luis Silva, Head of Ericsson Portugal, says: “In addition to the enormous transformative benefits 5G is bringing to mobile subscribers, enterprises, and industries, it will also make real and meaningful differences to those professional people around the world that we all look up to – emergency service responders. In situations where minutes and even seconds matter, 5G technology will enable the best possible responses from all professionals involved.”

Luís Alveirinho, Chief Technology Officer, Altice Portugal, says: “This demonstration is yet another materialization of the advantages of the future 5G network.”