Almedalsveckan | Telia Company expanding the possibilities of digitalization


The Swedish political festival ‘Almedalsveckan’ is coming up and Telia Company will be present. This year’s focus will be on sustainable and inclusive digitalization.

During the first week of July the island of Gotland is the epicenter of Swedish politics, business and public relations community.

Telia Company will be present and aims at contributing to the dialogue on how Sweden can take the lead in sustainable and inclusive digitalization. Telia’s event venue will be 5G-connected and the Company will reinforce the mobile network in Visby during the week and also provide free wifi for all visitors.

In different seminars Telia will raise issues about how 5Gcan connect everyone and how it will strengthen the industry’s competitiveness, how the use of data enables smart and sustainable cities and how a modern stress-resilient society can be created.

Johan Dennelind, President and CEO of Telia Company, will participate in a seminar about 5G and the upcoming fourth industrial revolution together with representatives from politics and other businesses. See Telia’s full program here (in Swedish). Telia experts will also participate in other seminars in Almedalen.

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