ALLO Communications Picks Calix to Protect Subscribers

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Calix, Inc. has announced that ALLO Communications (ALLO) continues to put customers first by delivering ProtectIQ® home network cybersecurity to all residential subscribers.

Recently the White House recognized ALLO as a leader in broadband for achievements in closing the digital divide across their regional footprint. The ALLO solution is successful because it’s built on the complete Calix Revenue EDGE platform.

With GigaSpire® BLAST systems—integrated with Revenue EDGE—included in the subscriber’s home, ALLO provides innovative, differentiated security services using the turnkey offerings in Revenue EDGE Suites.

This innovation drives ALLO’s sustained growth and delivers top-tier fiber broadband offerings uniformly to its communities. As a competitive communications and entertainment provider, the 20-year-old company improves its communities’ digital safety by pairing secure, managed Wi-Fi with advanced protection against increasing web threats, intrusions, malware, and viruses. In less than a year, ALLO’s average subscriber tenure and customer lifetime value increased 53 percent each because of these valuable security services. ALLO subscribers using the ALLOIQ app, built on the customizable CommandIQ® mobile app, yield an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74—far above the single-digit telecommunications industry average.

The latest Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Report revealed that cybercrime complaints increased seven percent last year and are still rising. ALLO’s response to offer ProtectIQ for all subscribers prevented 19,000+ digital threats from entering homes and businesses last month. The Nebraska-based fiber company continues to ensure the well-being of its growing subscriber base by:

Blocking 19,000+ monthly digital threats. ALLO prioritizes the health of its communities. In 2021, it started deploying GigaSpire BLAST systems to all subscribers ahead of adding security services. Accessed through ALLOIQ, every subscriber needs the critical services in EDGE Suites like home network cybersecurity from ProtectIQ and advanced parental controls in ExperienceIQ®. As a result, ALLO is now blocking thousands of monthly digital threats.
Driving 41 percent more subscribers to ALLOIQ. The ALLOIQ app makes it easy for subscribers to take control of their networks while keeping the ALLO brand front and center. With data and insights in Calix Marketing Cloud combined with Calix Customer Success Services (Customer Success), ALLO drove 41 percent more GigaSpire BLAST subscribers to ALLOIQ in less than a year. This means higher subscriber satisfaction—subscribers with the app consistently scored 20+ points higher on satisfaction surveys.
Increasing lifetime subscriber value by 53 percent. Based on objective subscriber benefits, ALLO employed Customer Success to implement best practices. Customer Success toured ALLO’s locations, hosting a series of Revenue EDGE foundation sessions. Together, Calix and ALLO created a playbook to increase subscriber use of ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. As a result, ALLO’s brand reputation continues to grow. Thanks to deeper subscriber relationships, ALLO saw a 53 percent increase in both the average subscriber tenure and the customer lifetime value in less than a year.
“Initially, we were considering home network security as an upsell, but with how fast threats are growing for the normal subscriber—illicit governments funding fraud, the growth of malware, viruses from gangs—we changed our minds,” said Brad Moline, president at ALLO Communications. “We decided that this is not a ‘nice to have.’ It is a critical service that every ALLO subscriber MUST have. Security is vital in today’s online environment. Even with laptop virus protection, vulnerabilities exist in home networks. Providing ProtectIQ to 100 percent of GigaSpire BLAST subscribers is the right thing to do.”

A 13-year Calix partner, ALLO has a longstanding track record of putting subscribers first. Since its initial founding in Nebraska, ALLO has rapidly expanded its service, now including communities in Colorado and Arizona.

“The U.S. president recently tweeted that, while the government is providing resources and tools to the private sector intended to thwart cyberattacks, citizens must also take the initiative to protect themselves—and who better to help than a local community-focused provider?” said Michael Weening, president and chief operating officer at Calix. “Local broadband service providers (BSPs) are best able to help even the most untechnical subscriber be safe on the internet by stepping up to block digital threats from entering their homes and businesses. By bringing security services that protect and foster economic opportunities for future generations, BSPs can be more than just a fast fiber pipe and play a vital role in their community. ALLO is the best example of what an innovative provider can be, transforming and growing their business for the greater good. They are an ideal partner that shows the incredible level of success possible for even the smallest BSP to simplify their business, excite their subscribers, and grow their value.”