Alcatel-Lucent to build and maintain SBB’s Next Generation Network


Alcatel-Lucent is all set to deploy its IP and optical networking technologies for Swiss national rail organisation, SBB’s (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen), Next Generation Network, project ‘Datacom NG’.

This engagement will allow SBB to maintain its worldwide reputation for punctuality and reliability as passenger and freight traffic continues to grow.

This new network will support all SBB’s information and communication systems including train control systems, customer information systems, sales systems, for example ticketing machines, Internet services for passengers and IT systems for employees.

SBB is Switzerland’s largest transportation operator and is continuing to grow: last year more than 430 million passengers and 53 million tons of freight were transported over its network of more than 790 stations and 3,100 km of track. As traffic continues to rise, SBB needs to move all mission-critical applications – as well as passenger and business operations – onto a new networking infrastructure unified with the latest Optical DWDM and IP/MPLS communication technologies.

This will increase operational efficiency and offer greater flexibility, enabling SBB to adapt even faster to customer requirements as it introduces new passenger services.

Alcatel-Lucent will migrate SBB’s existing Syncronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH ) infrastructure – which carries mission-critical data traffic – and IP networks, carrying non-mission-critical data traffic, to an integrated IP/MPLS and optical network at over 1,300 sites near railway tracks and at approximately 500 offices using its 7750 Service Routers, 7705 Service Aggregation Routers and 1830 Photonic Service Switch. End-to-end network management will be provided by the 5620 Service Aware Manager.

The network, which will be launched in 2020, will combine the reliability of the existing Alcatel-Lucent-supplied SDH network, with the enhanced functionality of IP and WDM technologies, and will allow SBB to support increases in traffic well into the future while maintaining its reputation for operational reliability and punctual departures.

Alcatel-Lucent will deploy the technologies over a four-year period, starting in 2016. The company will also provide its leading professional services expertise, including engineering, installation and commissioning, network operations services and support for the migration and decommissioning of the existing network. Following the launch of the network, Alcatel-Lucent will provide maintenance services for eight years, with the option to extend support after this period.

Yves Zischek, Head of SBB Telecom said: ”Alcatel-Lucent best met our selection criteria with its motivated team and their best-in-class technology to implement our important project. The new nationwide Next Generation Network build by Alcatel-Lucent will increase our network capacity significantly and at the same time provide an enhanced availability. We lay the foundation for an increasingly interconnected and digitized future.”

Patrick Langelaan, Country Senior Officer of Alcatel-Lucent Switzerland said: “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with SBB. This major project highlights our growing momentum in mission critical networks and specifically the strength of our products to address the communications needs of railway operators. Using our IP/MPLS and agile optical networking technologies we can deliver a network that meets all SBB’s needs efficiently and cost-effectively into the future as traffic continues to grow.”

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