Alcatel Lucent reveals hardware-based edge routing platform


In its bid to solve the backhaul challenge for operators, Alcatel-Lucent is set to launch a hardware-based edge routing platform – the 7750 SR-a – to offer high density, high performance aggregation of mobile backhaul, business and residential services, in addition to rich service functionality, in a compact, modular design.

The new platform, which extends the company’s 7750 Service Router family, is being introduced to help fixed, mobile and cable operators, governments and enterprises to drive down costs even as they meet escalating traffic demands, a key factor highlighted by new modelling research from Bell Labs.

Network operators face a significant challenge in terms of satisfying the appetite for high-bandwidth multimedia services while also simplifying and converging networks in order to streamline costs. By leveraging Alcatel-Lucent’s FP3 400G Network Processor, the 7750 SR-a addresses this challenge, with a resilient platform that delivers scalability beyond its compact size. It allows providers to support the simultaneous delivery of mobile, business and residential services and creates new value through the delivery of innovative new services.

With its comprehensive router portfolio – which recently expanded to include the Virtualized Service Router (VSR) – Alcatel-Lucent is giving service providers both the specialized hardware and router software necessary to build a flexible network with the right performance and economics for the cloud era.

Cost Savings & Service Innovation

A modelling study by Bell Labs has highlighted how the 7750 SR-a can generate compelling cost savings when compared to competitive offers in the marketplace. The study found that:

For high-density 10GE applications, the 7750 SR-a delivers more than 44 percent CAPEX savings and more than 42 percent total cost of ownership (TCO) savings

As demand rises and operators move to a 100GE infrastructure, the 7750 SR-a offers 54 percent CAPEX savings and 55 percent TCO savings compared to a platform that does not offer 100GE interfaces.

With Gigabit Ethernet (GE) and 10GE density as well as 40GE and 100 GE interfaces – operators can scale aggregation networks smoothly to meet all of their customers’ demands into the future. The 7750 SR-a enables a host of services: in addition to supporting Carrier Ethernet and IP services, the 7750 SR-a supports Enhanced Subscriber Management. Acting as a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), it will allow providers to offer high-value differentiated services tailored to customer demands and usage patterns.

Basil Alwan, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s IP Routing & Transport business line said: “We are committed to delivering product innovations that bridge a gap in the market. The 7750 SR-a will allow providers to go closer to the customer to meet their exploding traffic demands across the network. Despite its compact size, by leveraging the FP3 network processor we are not compromising on scalability, functionality or quality of service – it offers performance beyond its size and drives down costs at the same time.”


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