Alaska’s Service Provider Taps RADWIN to Enable PtMP in harsh environment


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that Alaska Communications, Alaska’s advanced broadband and managed IT services, has deployed its JET PRO 750 Mbps Bi-Beam Point-to-Multipoint solutions to drive broadband to underserved parts of Alaska.

The deployment is part of the Connect America Fund (CAF-II) project geared to provide broadband to millions of Americans in rural areas. t3 Broadband, a leading system integrator, managed project design and installation. Alaska Communications will have deployed more than 160 JET systems by the end of 2018, with a multi-year plan for continued deployment across Alaska.

“Alaska ranks as one of the harshest environments in the U.S. for deploying fixed wireless broadband. Systems need to operate in freezing temperatures, high winds, ice, and varying terrain. Despite these challenges, RADWIN’s systems operate consistently, allowing us to deliver service packages of up to 100Mbps to residential and business customers. With RADWIN’s JET equipment, we deliver high-speed, reliable broadband to communities that had been underserved for years,” said Alaska Communications Senior Vice President for Shared Services Randy Ritter.

Chris Crowe, President, t3 Broadband: “Alaska Communications asked us for a recommendation as to what solution to use and our answer was simple: If we were to build a network ourselves, we would use RADWIN JET Beamforming PtMP. JET PtMP’s Beamforming technology enables operation in the toughest scenarios, be it extreme weather or difficult terrain and foliage conditions. These are the top performing radios on the market in terms of reliability and high-speed performance. Simply – RADWIN has a great product.”

Dennis Stipati, RADWIN GM North America: “We’re proud to partner with t3 to fulfil the connectivity vision of Alaska Communications and be part of the Connect America Fund (CAF-II) initiative to drive broadband to millions of Americans in remote areas. Broadband is a catalyst for economic growth and with JET, service providers can extend their network footprint to any point and provide a fiber-quality connection in the fastest, most cost-effective way.”